Monday, March 31, 2008

My apologies

Well i don't expect y'all to remember me... I haven't posted in quite a while... But i'm free now so here i am... Before i start i just wanted to say that our newest author-bharath's work is simply amazing.. I read technology tantrums and i was blown away by it.. Keep up the good work man.

Over the past one month i seem to be doing nothing right.. don't get scared cuz my exams went well but i'm talking about all my friends... Nothing i do seems to get me the results i actually want. Instead i seem to be hurting everybody i love... All my friends know that to me,sorry isn't just a word...and i can never say it unless i actually mean it and i really mean it. So heres me screaming I'M SORRY I WAS SUCH A JERK.
I don't expect anybody to even forgive me... All my friends.. I've sevred the bonds of all the people close to me...-Madhav..Arjun..Krithicka..Neelofar..Priyanka..Neha... I've been doing it either directly or indirectly and to be honest, i don't know wat the hell i was thinking. I have no excuse for my behaviour. But i really am sorry. I'd like a second chance. I know thats too much to ask for but i see no harm in asking.