Wednesday, December 30, 2009

iPod chronicles.......!!


APPLE SUCKS...........


My iPod is not a gadget. Its not a gizmo either. I'll tell you what it is?

A friggin SADISTIC B@$%$%^$.

See... I am the kind of girl who has an extremely diversified taste in music... Meaning i can listen to a love aaj kal song, mosh to a linkin park number, or groove to a hip hop beat. It doesn't matter to me. However, it does seem to matter to my dear little friend over here. For he enjoys playing only BOLLYWOOD tracks and NOTHING BUT. If my iPod was had a voice(which is just about the only thing it lacks), a typical conversation between us would go like this

Me-(cautiously)Good day.....
iPod-Whaddya want
Me-I was just wondering if i could add some more songs to my existing library
iPod-More? What 28 songs ain't enough for ya? You might go deaf if you listen to too much music
Me-Your concern towards me is touching
iPod-Yeah whatever. besides i'm not in the mood to today
Me-Are you EVER in the mood to do ANYTHING that i might perhaps NEED?
iPod-Hmm. Let me think. No
Me-I thought as much
iPod-hey be nice to me. Else...
iPod-Anyway, what songs?
Me-I was thinking maybe some evanesence, linkin park, skillet or maybe some metallica
iPod-Whoa there girl. That stuff's WAAY too heavy for you
Me-Then what would be appropriately suited for my listening requirements?
iPod- Maybe some song from Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani or Om Shanti Om
iPod-Dont' take that tone with me. Just try adding another song.
Me-Well lets see then b!@tCH!

2 hours later...

Me-Look....wat did i ever do to you in my past life?? Huh?? Why do you hate me so much??
iPod-Moron. I'm an iPod, i have no idea what you did to me in your past life.
Me-So why the torture then
iPod-I don't know
Me-What the F*$k do u mean YOU DONT KNOW?!!?!?
iPod- I mean i don't know. Just like watching you suffer
Me- Okay so what'll you do when i go out and buy a Sony Transcend MP3 player huh? Then you won't have Aishwarya Ramesh to kick around when your sorry little @$$ is in the trash can and you're wishing you showed a little more respect

(Erm....mind you this is a hypothetical conversation)

IPOD FOR SALE...........
THIS IS AS CHEAP AS IT CAN GET.................... X-( X-(

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Here are the top few irritants that we tend to come across on most Indian roads.

#10 - The Dog.

These so called lovable strays tend to cross your path and stay there, AT WILL. You move left, it moves left. You move right, it moves right. You're screwed.

#9 - The School kids on the cycles.

Three or sometimes upto four kids. With fancy backpacks. Riding like they own the road.
You're stuck behind them. You honk. They dont give a rats whatever.

#8 - The college girl Triad.

Same pattern, but these are college girls. Fancy bandana under the helmet. usually on Activas, and chatting with each other. You honk. They continue chatting.

#7 - The cow.

It will amble off in random directions. Or will sit down.Right in the middle of the road. You honk .HA HA.

#6 - The yamaha RX punk.

Will overtake you. From nowhere. Will fly away to fast to hear you curse too.

#5 - The lorry on the fast lane.

Will go slower than normal lorries. You dont even honk.

#4 - The tail-gate killer.

You're trying to pass a truck. You inch towards the right to see if there's any oncoming
traffic. woops, Omni headed your way. You Try to get back behind the truck. Viola! Look
who occupied your place while you were aaway! Why, its the Lady in the Maruti! **R.I.P**


If this is at night, The OMNI fellow is driving with the high beam on. You're blinded.

#3 - The Villager at the Median.

Not Racist. but he's just crossed the median. You're hurtling towards him. He freezes. You
honk. He goes Huh?. usually holds his Lungi. You're screwed.

#2 - The PushCart guy.

He doesnt have brakes. No steering either. Your call.

#1 - The Signal Honker.

You're at the front of the pack waiting at a red light. Count down. 8 - 7 - 6- 5 - and the guy
behind you- he goes- **HOONKKKK**-4 - 3 - 2.... DUDE! I'M A GUY. I *WILL* EXPLODE

Well, these are it.I THINK its in order too. :)

Good luck, ride safe, and ALWAYS wear a helmet.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Kadambas...

The Kadamba king was a satisfied man... He had all the reasons in the world to be as satisfied as he was feeling now. He was, in fact, the first king from THAT land to rule THAT hand... Till then, THAT land was ruled by dynasties and pompous asses from other lands. He singlehandedly raised an army, challenged the might of the ageing king, and defeated him too. It had taken almost 700 years since ruling began, for someone FROM that land to rule that land.

At that particular moment, he was waiting outside his castle's draw-doors with his entourage. Blasting horns and shells announced his arrival back into the castle. He rode in to the palace with the gait and majesty that defied his humble beginnings. He looked over at the line of guards now bowed deeply in respect, his warriors. That small band of warriors, were so ferocious that the news of their valor spread far and wide. He made a mental note to himself to order the building of the luxury quarters that he had promised them.

His own private quarters weren’t all that luxurious. It was for the simple reason that it wasn’t built for him. The king that he overthrew was a simple man, but chose the location of the room very carefully within the castle. It was located in a place, from whose windows one could see far and beyond the land's Great Plains.

There were also seven such identical rooms that were spread out randomly around the castle. The King still secretly admired the simplicity and brilliance of the architect. He also remembered the arcitect's cold, menacing eyes, that showed no sign of fear or pain, but lot of contempt as the sword split his heart into two.

The king had wondered why.

He dint wonder anymore. The castle that was deceptively simple looking held secrets so terrible that the king flinched every time he thought of it. He also got the strange feelings of sudden sadness and paranoia when he was around the rooms. He certainly felt like he had got much more than what he bargained for. Knowing full well for what he was now responsible, he secretly wondered sometimes if he could somehow turn the hourglass around and go back to ignorant bliss.

That’s when he decided to do something about it. And so he strode over to the fireplace and pushed a particular tile near the mantelpiece. A recessed platform then came up with his Dell XPS workstation.

That’s also when it all started going horribly wrong.

He just finished coding the secrets and burnt it onto a DVD, when he heard faint noises outside the doors. He had no time to fathom what those noises were, as seconds later, the two foot thick mahogany doors burst open and about 20 men in black fatigues stormed in, clutching sub machine guns.

"FREEZE!" Said a tall man in front, pointing his laser-target marker squarely on the King's forehead. It was easy to do as the King had doubled over in shock and tripped on his lace and fallen spread eagle on the hard floor. His mind went blank and focused entirely on one single thought.

The DVD.. He HAD to protect it, it was his un-sworn duty... He reached slowly for the small blade enclosed in his bracelet, dangerously close to his wrist. And in one quick moment that stunned everyone in the room, he...


"present sir!" i mumble, in shock, as my history professor winds down his class. I look sideways and see my classmates all seeming to be stirring after a long siesta.

" nice chaps, yes, These

kadambas?' I ask y friend.

" dude, who cares man? I dont frikkin know what he was talking about except for the first rulers from THAT land bit...''

'"Oh..." i mumble and shuffle slowly out of the classroom.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


its nearing midnight.... i'm not snuggled up in bed with my favourite pillow.... i'm not fast asleep, dreaming of infinity..... hell sleep seems to be the last thing i can achieve right now.. damn....

I never really knew that stress could cause insomnia... Is it cause i'm loaded with homework? or maybe busy preparing for a test the next day? or practicing playing on my guitar in my free time(or whats left of it...) i don't really know...

Gets you thinking though... i knw i know.... i'm not going to start ranting or thoughts just seem to lead me to this emptiness. All i can think of is how insane this weekend is all set to be. Tell u guys about it if it goes successful

So long and good night!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

say pleease... :)

I was recently at a handbag store and I picked up a brochure for students who are going to travel abroad. It didn’t surprise me to see instructions and general tips like “Count your baggage every time it passes the conveyor belt” and “Make sure your passport and other important documents are safe” but it surprised me to see instructions like “Say Please when asking for help” and “Say thank you loud and clear when somebody helps you”

Didn’t these kids ever have parents who taught them to say please and thank you every time they needed help and/or received it?

Today’s world’s moving at a supersonic speed… I think all of us are moving too fast to enjoy the littler things and stop and be grateful for what we have… I know very well how to grumble at the fact that I don’t own an Xbox360 or how to throw a tantrum to get something I want but I’m just learning how to appreciate the smaller things and the nearly invisible people.

You probably don’t get what I’m saying right now so I think it would be easier to illustrate with an example. I’m not too shy… I can talk to just about anybody and everybody so here goes my first example.

Metro had a 50% sale and I went there with my mom cause I was bored of preparing for my board exams and my shoes were horrid looking (although in MY defence, they’re extremely comfortable) and my mom was obviously not happy with me wearing such ratty shoes but trust me.. I despise shoe shopping.

I found a pair of shoes I liked and I knew they’d fit me out of an impulse but my mom’s all but impulsive so she insisted on me trying them out first. They’re huge platform shoes with a lot of heel… I’m used to wearing mostly flats or sneakers so this was a whole new dimension.

There was a salesman who was helping me put it on and I said “Thank you so much for helping me out, I’m totally new to this stuff” He just smiled. I could tell he thought I was just being nice so I added that I really appreciated it. He simply smiled again. I tried the shoes on and effortlessly managed to walk the ramp around the store and convince my mom that I wouldn’t break both ankles in these shoes. She made me try them on one more time before finalising our purchase.

She made me try them out for the third and (thankfully) the last time but this time I wasn’t sitting so I stumbled while trying them on and my mom threw me a dirty look but nevertheless, she began to rummage through her purse for her credit card but as luck would have it, she had forgotten them at home and I needed to give the shoes up. Now I’d kind of grown to love those shoes so it was a disappointment. My mom promised me to buy them in the evening but I decided to have no expectations as I felt kind of nervous in those shoes anyway. So as I sat alone at home solving every possible sum in my pillow… sorry my R.D.Sharma guide, I got the surprise of my life… My mom came home WITH the shoes.

I was too surprised to speak. I thought she’d keep them away from me for safety reasons. She simply smiled and told me that the salesman told her to go ahead and take a chance and make the purchase.

Another incident actually took place today evening at dinner time. I’d dragged my parents to Ascendas for dinner in McDonalds and Ascendas being a hip and happening place for youngsters and adults and families (obviously) alike and being a Sunday… we had no place to sit and I absolutely despise sharing my table with total strangers for god knows what reason.

When my mom waved me over to a seemingly empty table but I walked over to her carefully balancing my McDonalds tray and my Coke in my hand and I could feel my face drop when I saw that we had to share our table with a girl and a guy that we didn’t know. So I put my tray down, smile politely at the girl and guy and unwrap my burger and start eating it. Lets call the girl Didi. I sit down opposite to her and Didi suddenly gets up when my mom comes and offers my mom her seat.

I just looked at her surprised. That’s the first time in a very long time I’ve seen someone do something like that in a very long time. It’s just something about that gesture that made me respect her so much to the extent that I actually began addressing her as Didi! (I have an older sister who’s related to me by blood and I never called her akka or Didi even once). I later ate my food in silence and thanked her and left but something about that action made me able to build a bond with a complete stranger. The only thing I had in common with her was the table.

Its little things like this, small polite gestures, seemingly insignificant acts of kindness that are capable of making people’s days but as I already mentioned, our world’s moving super fast. We should take a little more time to slow down. A lot of people are seemingly invisible and we have to take more time to acknowledge them. When was the last time you thanked a waiter or the guy who stands by the door from morning to evening without even complaining once when people don’t thank him….


Friday, May 15, 2009

My first ever poem...

I was working on some calculations last night, and since my brain hates math so much, it went into zonked out mode, and when i recovered, i found that i had just written my first ever poem... if it qualifies as a poem... ;)

Was late into summer,
things started going wrong.
Clashing of our egos,
like hammer and tongs.

early into summer,
she had taken off the ring,
The tensions and the distance
Uncoiling like a spring.

The middle of the summer,
my hottest one yet.
We grew further apart,
our intentions never met.

Turning, twisting in my bed,
the wind outside blowing strong.
it suddenly hit me on my head
how could i let things go, oh so wrong!

And now i'm out to win her back,
i know its a mountain of a task.
The rains will bring me back solace,
but a little prayer from you is all i ask...

- Tomcat

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Its been a while since i last made a post.

Been very busy with exams and Job.

First time im blogging to take my mind of things.
My situation in life is like being trapped in a maze. There are lots of ways and every path leads to a goal, but i can only reach one goal when there are many to be achieved and whichever goals i neglect will land me in hot water with others.

My Situation: My sis had a baby girl on Jan 18, she had a C-section so she cant climb stairs. My mom who is a lecturer in a college has taken leave till feb.24 to take care of sis and baby. My bro in law is from bombay and he comes to town when his job allows him (he works in bombay too). My father is a surgeon and he has a lot of health problems. My mother too is afflicted with arthritis and rheumatism in knees. And 2 days ago my grandma (moms mom) is diagnosed with breast cancer. Today the report says that the cancer is malignant and initial findings suggest that the cells are already in the bloodstream. BIG PROBLEM, now chemo and other radiation therapy is imminent. My grandma has nvr been hospitalised and she is not the kind of person who is of strong mind to withstand pain. Ive seen ppl who are stong willed being reduced to a shadow coz of chemo, it is very difficult. My mom is the only daughter and she is having pressure from all relatives who do nothin but find fault with others. They dont help out, they just sit on their couches and call my mom and tell her that she should do more, and talk among themselves and say that my mom is not takin cre of grandma. My grandma lives alone in her house which is 3 km frm my hse, she doest want to let go of the house evn though we tried to tell her to live with us after grandfathers death 2 yrs ago. Even if she does come here, we only have one bedroom on the ground floor, so it would be difficult to accomodate a person who has an operation and also radiation therapy is a room where there is a baby.And i have been trying to get into one of the top-20 B-schools in the country for 3 years, this year i finally got some interview calls, i only expected them to come in march but like a bolt from the blue, my first one is on Feb.17, along with this i have work as a marketing manager of my company, atleast i have some projects in my hometown, so at present i am @ home. There are some probs on the personal front too which is something im not evn thinkin about now, but it is also important.

My options:
1. Act oblivious to the situation @ home and continue with job and prepration for the interviews. My father sacrificed a lot of his career aspirations coz of resposnsibility towards parents, and he has been trying hard to insulate me from all this, obviously its every father's dream to see his son do well.

2. Take responsibility of taking care of grandma (in which i hav constraints as a male) and let my preparation suffer.

3. Taking care of the baby and sis and lettin mom go and stay with grandma which i dont think my mom is willing to do. And taking care of the baby is a lot harder.

4. Take leave from job, which would be unfair to company since they dont have their head of marketing due to his marriage. Already the company has given me everything in suport for my MBA aspirations which companies generally dont do.

Im just recaping a statement made by my mom today "Grandma is such a nice person, a good soul, why did this have to come to her". OK, i agree that this is a cliched statement but this happening to her at this moment in time is hard, most hardest for my mom. I always felt that there is a higher power, which most people call by the name GOD, though i dont believe in religion. 2008 was my worst year, coz of a lot of issues on the personal front, my life was in tatters at the end of 2008, and i had just picked myself up and learnt to cope with all the difficulties and challenges. Now this has caused me to have a total disullionment with the motives of God.

Is this a test? How the hell am i supposed to pass!!

"Life is really unfair, If it wasnt it would be called heaven" – Madhav :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Emotional knapsack

Some questions were bubbling in my mind since whenever.


how do you trust somebody? how do you get somebody to trust you?


why is it so hard to confide in someone? how do you become someone's confidante?


when do you know its love? how do you know its love?


What I know is when you trust somebody, you confide in them. When you confide in them, you get involved. Once you start confiding you are testing the other fellow… their response, sensibility and ability to be a vault and all that stuff. That’s how you decide if it’s good to trust them or not.
If they are good enough to be trusted with your emotions they are good to be your partner.


I mean though it requires a lot of other stuff, but basically you need to connect on one level more than physical. Emotional...! If he/she's trustworthy that means he/she responds, is sensible enough and keeps your personal life personal. You like that. Humans by nature live in groups. Can’t do alone… they need somebody by their side. Now that you have found one it opens path for further emotions. Then you are bonded. You look for further enhancements in the relationship.


If it suits all your personal/physical needs, you get attracted. Its unintentional. You don’t go around weighing what you have got. If for once it clicks, you see a possibility and you try for it. Eventually if all goes right you find yourself in love.

And you go on with it trying, exploring. Once you reach a position where no matter what happens you always seem to get the peace with your partner, you miss them on every occasion possible, you keep thinking about him/her, blabber senseless stuff but more often than not your he/she is the protagonist, you can’t seem to go on one day without talking to him/her... that means you are in love.

And it works the same way for the others too, though relative, the process is the same. To the best of my knowledge… Conditions apply.


What if any of that goes missing, Trust or confiding or love?

What then? How do you tell yourself to improve? You don’t know what is going wrong.

You are not aware of the shortcoming. Was it all real? Was it all good?

Is that how it’s supposed to be? Or there should be a for love too?

What if you have the perfect match and it can't get any better than this?

How would you sort it out?


Watchya gonna do about that???

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First update from 09!

Me'lady lives in Mangalore, :D ,and its where my maternal grandparents live, so i've been a regular at Mangalore.
I was there only last week, and i noticed a few things that i had'nt paid too much attention to.
It was only the second time that i went there alone, so i was more concious of the surroundings. Previously when i used to go there with ma, i'd be blissfully unaware of anything, but then, trust me, Mangalore's changed tremendously from the sleepy slow city that i knew as a kid. The local buses are privatised, so there are hell lot of buses running from everywhere to everywhere else. So there was fierce competition among buses to get there first. Since the bus service is so good, other vehicles were hardly seen, except for the lone motorist occasionally. fast forward ten years, and we now have a cosmopolitan-as-hell Mangalore, with income flowing in from the Gulf and everywhere else. This has resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of private vehicles, and the worst part is that the number of buses as increased as well! So, on the same roads, there are buses and cars and what not too... This has resulted in the mess that is the traffic in Mangalore today.

I'm feeling a bit math-y today so let me try and sum up the situation by help of an equation:

butt-on-fire bus drivers+young guns in the hot seat+messed up roads=mayhem+a good chance that you'll get killed.

Lame, i know, but i never really WAS good at math... he he.

So bottom line is, avoid driving in Mangalore if you're not a local. You'll get killed.
On second thoughts, avoid crossing the roads during the day too. The bus drivers dont seem to regard pedestrians a reason strong enough to slow down for. :|

On the personal front, i've been very jobless lately sitting at home doing nothing, uselessy texting people useless things and spoiling the peace in the world.

gotta go, mom's hollering for dinner.

Raju bhai Raju bhai YES PAPA?

doing fraud? NO PAPA!

telling lies? NO PAPA!

open your account book! :D

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tracing down memory lane...

I seem to be looking at my shadows,

The ones the world cannot see, but I can.

A question still happens to perplex me,

Is that a shadow or an image of me?

Like a rookie from the lanes of an imaginary circus,

He came into my life expecting nothing,

Nothing but a pass into my thoughts,

I laughed, if only I knew where the access lies.

Then I secretly mined my way,

Into the forbidden fortress of my past,

Tears gushed out, I broke my personalised dam.

I laughed, shocked, confused, happy and delighted.

Then I thought about my childhood,

They one I so much tried to hide and ignore,

I saw holes, the damamge was done,

My own life unfolded full of cracks.

There! I remember those fields!

That park full of magical creatures!

Stealing mangoes from my neighbour's yard,

How one of us got caught!!!

Mother and Grandmother feeding us,

Ah! Those specifications I demanded for,

Grandmother's stren denail,

My very own dharna...

I wondered why I ran away from me.

It then revealed itself slowly,

The monster that hid behind those times,

And I sat down devastated, lost.

Should I curse myself for taking that trip?

What did I expect to uncover?

Those pearls from my past were paste,

I knew that, what then did I want?

That put my life on pause,

I repeated to myself, forget, forget,

forget, forget, forget, and forget.

I hid myself from those eyes reading me.

I ran to my future, the one in my dreams,

Never again to turn back and too scared to look.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lucky Boy….!

My confirmation is due. I’m completing one year in the company. I’ll now be a confirmed employee with higher pay and “trainee” removed from my designation. This is a process which my Project Leader has to initiate. There’s a link which appears in his workflow page which he has to initiate. It’s done for all associates who joined the company with me. Only 2 days remaining to complete the process. But for me... there’s no link appearing…!

I order maggie noodles. As per general knowledge, it takes 2 mins to prepare it. After waiting for 45 mins I call the canteen and cancel the order. Within two mins of the call the maggie appears out of nowhere. All set to go out, I’ve left my seat with my backpack clinging on to my shoulders, standing in the middle of the passageway to the exit. The waiter has handed me the bowl. I’m eating the Maggie there like some malnourished kid who just got food from heaven. People staring, I’m embarrassed.

Lunch time next day, I see one of my colleague has ordered “Chole Bhature”. I am tempted. I cajole one of my friends into eating it with me and order it from the canteen. Impatiently I finish my tiffin, eagerly waiting for the dish to arrive. Half an hour from the order, the waiter comes to tell me that “Chole” as finished. I think I’ll die famished.

My reliance phone’s battery is out. I plug the charger in the phone, find a socket, plug in the charger and boom. It explodes…! Like some preplanned controlled explosion to take away the power plant without affecting the city. Everybody’s looking at me. I can’t stop staring at the smoke coming out of the charger.

Finally my confirmation has been initiated. But it’s pending with my Group Leader. For the last 22 hours 30 mins. Today is the last day to complete the process.

I come home. Thinking, it’d be a god idea to get my old Nokia phone fixed. It’s got a broken strip wire and hence no display. I buy a new wire along with a charger for my reliance phone. It costs me Rs. 130 INR. I get home all excited, get my phone, screwdriver (4 mouthed) and start unscrewing the phone. There are two screws. One’s broken from top and stuck into the phone. Other has got its grooves blunted. The screwdriver is slipping over it. It’s jammed in too. I put my gymming at work. Somehow, with great embarrassment to all the people with an IQ over 110, I put in the strip just to find that the phone has stopped working completely. That’s 14 Gs down the drain. Plus i manage to break the Swiss Knife i was using to unscrew it (Dont aks me how).


I was sad, irritated and frustrated, such a bad ending to the year (Last 2 days). Then I was told that it happens. Shit happens. It’s not my fault. And I’ve got to be cheerful. Well damn right. I had no control over it and there’s no point sulking. Just need a little bit time to get over the overwhelming.

This is just a log. Doesn’t mean that I‘m sad or irritated. I’m rather sarcastically funny about it. Ask my colleagues and friends. They just can’t stop laughing.


Happy New Blah Blah Blah everybody…..!