Saturday, January 10, 2009

First update from 09!

Me'lady lives in Mangalore, :D ,and its where my maternal grandparents live, so i've been a regular at Mangalore.
I was there only last week, and i noticed a few things that i had'nt paid too much attention to.
It was only the second time that i went there alone, so i was more concious of the surroundings. Previously when i used to go there with ma, i'd be blissfully unaware of anything, but then, trust me, Mangalore's changed tremendously from the sleepy slow city that i knew as a kid. The local buses are privatised, so there are hell lot of buses running from everywhere to everywhere else. So there was fierce competition among buses to get there first. Since the bus service is so good, other vehicles were hardly seen, except for the lone motorist occasionally. fast forward ten years, and we now have a cosmopolitan-as-hell Mangalore, with income flowing in from the Gulf and everywhere else. This has resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of private vehicles, and the worst part is that the number of buses as increased as well! So, on the same roads, there are buses and cars and what not too... This has resulted in the mess that is the traffic in Mangalore today.

I'm feeling a bit math-y today so let me try and sum up the situation by help of an equation:

butt-on-fire bus drivers+young guns in the hot seat+messed up roads=mayhem+a good chance that you'll get killed.

Lame, i know, but i never really WAS good at math... he he.

So bottom line is, avoid driving in Mangalore if you're not a local. You'll get killed.
On second thoughts, avoid crossing the roads during the day too. The bus drivers dont seem to regard pedestrians a reason strong enough to slow down for. :|

On the personal front, i've been very jobless lately sitting at home doing nothing, uselessy texting people useless things and spoiling the peace in the world.

gotta go, mom's hollering for dinner.

Raju bhai Raju bhai YES PAPA?

doing fraud? NO PAPA!

telling lies? NO PAPA!

open your account book! :D

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