Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Emotional knapsack

Some questions were bubbling in my mind since whenever.


how do you trust somebody? how do you get somebody to trust you?


why is it so hard to confide in someone? how do you become someone's confidante?


when do you know its love? how do you know its love?


What I know is when you trust somebody, you confide in them. When you confide in them, you get involved. Once you start confiding you are testing the other fellow… their response, sensibility and ability to be a vault and all that stuff. That’s how you decide if it’s good to trust them or not.
If they are good enough to be trusted with your emotions they are good to be your partner.


I mean though it requires a lot of other stuff, but basically you need to connect on one level more than physical. Emotional...! If he/she's trustworthy that means he/she responds, is sensible enough and keeps your personal life personal. You like that. Humans by nature live in groups. Can’t do alone… they need somebody by their side. Now that you have found one it opens path for further emotions. Then you are bonded. You look for further enhancements in the relationship.


If it suits all your personal/physical needs, you get attracted. Its unintentional. You don’t go around weighing what you have got. If for once it clicks, you see a possibility and you try for it. Eventually if all goes right you find yourself in love.

And you go on with it trying, exploring. Once you reach a position where no matter what happens you always seem to get the peace with your partner, you miss them on every occasion possible, you keep thinking about him/her, blabber senseless stuff but more often than not your he/she is the protagonist, you can’t seem to go on one day without talking to him/her... that means you are in love.

And it works the same way for the others too, though relative, the process is the same. To the best of my knowledge… Conditions apply.


What if any of that goes missing, Trust or confiding or love?

What then? How do you tell yourself to improve? You don’t know what is going wrong.

You are not aware of the shortcoming. Was it all real? Was it all good?

Is that how it’s supposed to be? Or there should be a for love too?

What if you have the perfect match and it can't get any better than this?

How would you sort it out?


Watchya gonna do about that???

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Amazish said...

Do nothing about it..and just hang on there..
Love of all the human emotions is the most complex one..for it brings with itself all the other emotions..amplified.
Therefore,I think..fallin in love with someone is itself the greatest form of trust you can put in someone.
There can be no universally accepted theory on how love happens..but yeah..i kinda agree with yours..
In short..I think its kind of a rollercoaster ride! starts slowly..reaches a peak..with our hearts in our mouths! and then goes on consistently..with all the highs and lows..but there's a catch here..the ride can have an abrupt end,a smooth end..or no end at all.
you'd never know when love will conquer just hang in there!