Friday, May 15, 2009

My first ever poem...

I was working on some calculations last night, and since my brain hates math so much, it went into zonked out mode, and when i recovered, i found that i had just written my first ever poem... if it qualifies as a poem... ;)

Was late into summer,
things started going wrong.
Clashing of our egos,
like hammer and tongs.

early into summer,
she had taken off the ring,
The tensions and the distance
Uncoiling like a spring.

The middle of the summer,
my hottest one yet.
We grew further apart,
our intentions never met.

Turning, twisting in my bed,
the wind outside blowing strong.
it suddenly hit me on my head
how could i let things go, oh so wrong!

And now i'm out to win her back,
i know its a mountain of a task.
The rains will bring me back solace,
but a little prayer from you is all i ask...

- Tomcat