Monday, December 31, 2007

The Mask

Concealing myself
to make you happy
hiding behind my mask
making you think
im happy too
nobody can see all the pain i see
nobody can even if they try
cause crying these f*cking bitter tears
honestly makes me wanna die
I'm not "okay"
if i say i am
its a stupid white LIE
cause im not okay
if you take the mask away
will you understand?
will you hold me close
and tell me you love
the girl behind the mask
more than the mask itself?
The pain is killing me
i cant think at all
you ruin me
you break me
you shatter me completly
Have you seen the girl behind the mask
or have you seen the tears she cries?
They're made of blood
not water
I dont have any tears left to cry
the blood replaces water
but the mask itself says shes fine
but the girl behind it
is truly dying on the inside

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reach Somewhere...

i'll tell u a little story
its about a guy
who's on a journey
on a moonless sky

he's feelin thirsty
he bends to drink
from the river of blood
where the souls sink

life's a tough job
& he's tryin to reach somewhere
shootin at the world
he thinks he's almost there

the hate is so bitchy
& he stands alone
where love kills love
& death hides behind the stones

he wants them to believe
he wants them to understand
the life is too short
too short to depend

he lights up the candle
& brightens the lane
for a thousand faces
all livin in pain

the winds blow hard
certainly the winds of change
its the end of the nightmare
& its not so strange

next day he wakes up
& see the lovely lights.... but he knows
he's got to reach somewhere
coz its smilin... 'in the shadows'...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ever wondered why

1.Right handers wear watch on their left hand and vice versa

2.Indians fanatical about cricket though its one of the least popular sports worldwide

3.Guys n gals act sooo stupid while they are in love(i.e b4 the fights begin :D)

4.All of us want to break the rules instead of abiding by them

5.Teenagers always produce a language of their own annually

6.We know the names of the best engineering and medical colleges,but not of the other professions

7.How these over the top melodramatic serials became such a huge rage

8.Stars who crave for publicity act wierd when they finally get it n yell that ppl shud respect their privacy

9.All of us are hypocrite's in one way or the other

10.Our politicians are one of the most uneducated in the world

11.Most of us are afraid to speak our mind

12.Lying is easy n telling the truth is hard

13.How bush got re-elected

And that's it for me for this year, and mos prolly 4m us all, hope we have entertained our loyal readers, so wishing u all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Hoping to see you all next year with more crazy n weird crap

Friday, December 21, 2007

Taking a break...

Hello People...
I'll go straight to it.. I'm feeling like how Maddy was feeling a few days back. Not so hopeless, but a bit lonely, yes. There have been a few bright days, when, for example, Vidya's gold medal was confirmed, or when we had an awesome time on Chinmay's birthday. But most of the time, I'm feeling like i'm dragging on things without any meaning to any of it. There must be around four and a half truck loads to study, but i dont think i will survive in front of my books right now.
The all-important cell-phone has also been a major cause of distress. I dont know how and where the currency just goes off. I try maintaining decent figures, but i guess 10 paise per message is still too much, and oh 2 bucks per message for out of state phones.
All those people who were almost standing on my head to get a phone so that they can "keep in touch" better,have found they have better work to do after all, now that i have a phone!
The only few ppl who used to message me are either busy at a wedding in Belgaum, or away on a 5 day trip to Citradurga and god knows where else.
Oh and the only one i thought who would be worth talking to, even if it were a distance call, seemed to prefer 50 cent, candy shop to my call...never mind me standing in the blistering cold on my terrace in the drizzlin and windy hell at 10 30 in the night, just so i can hear how she sounded.
Oh but i've had the chance to be talking to another nice girl, who happens to be the friend of the very first and only admirer of this blog, and she's been 'enlightening' me about various topics i've ought to have been more curious about earlier ;) :P
Also always there whenever i'm online is one of my friends from PU college, and that anti-social legspin freak never pings me.
I have no idea where my parents disappear to sometimes.
I got the hall tickets for my exams, and to my shock, it starts on the 26th of this month.
So, I'm bucking up and starting to get down to some serious studying, and so there will be no blog posts from till maybe 8th of january next year. I'm counting on Maddy or Prateek or Aishwarya to keep the blog alive.
So long my dear readers, may peace be with you while I'm gone...

P.S: I'll still be on gmail and yahoo each night maybe from 9, cant miss that! :)

Monday, December 17, 2007


Her name means magic...i dont know in which language but it seems so perfect..My little bundle of joy, My Dancing Queen, My Little Niece Maya.

Okay so i used to absolutely despise her...Shes my cousin's daughter and i missed being the centre of his attention after she arrived but it took me so long to realise how much of a little devil with a halo she is and how much i love her for it.

I was at my other cousin's wedding recently. She looked pretty happy. But unfortunately(for me) i had a social exam the next day and hence i was sitting by myself with the thick social together with guide in my lap and my sis-in-law walked up to me and asked if i could babysit maya for a few minutes cause she had to do something. I agreed cuz wat the heck...i was bored anyway. So i closed my book,got up and gently took her into my arms and she smiled at me!

It was a shock for a few minutes but then she has the cutest smile ever ands so i couldn't help but to smile back. Before i could realise it,we were giggling and laughing together and people i see her someday as a huge designer...I cant explain it but i know thats the way shes gonna go.

Shes 2 and a half years old and she only just learned how to talk but seriously shes just way too adorable.And later that morning,at around 9,i had to gear up to leave and go back home. Thats when Maya started crying in earnest when i got into the car and waved at her. I froze for a second. I didn't exactly know wat to do.

So i had to get down and hug her and console her telling her that i'd be back in the evening for the reception and she only then,very very reluctantly let me go.

Then evening came and i arrived at the reception hall. It was beautifully decorated and it was a really fancy hotel and all and it was mega awesome and i nearly had a fit when i saw her outfit.

I was forced to wear a skirt and a shirt..and she was wearing a pair of super-hot blue jeans and a mega-cute pink tshirt! I was like :O! IT was unfair really...cause my skirt felt like someone had mummified my legs...I had to walk like that and there she was prancing around looking so so so cute.

So i snuck up on her and closed her eyes from behind and she gave a gleeful yell and turned around and giggled and smiled at me.

I was actually mega exhausted but her smile gave me new energy. Her hyperness was really contaigious and i offered her my finger,she gladly took it and then we were walking around together.

Later on,she found a new group of kids to sit with...which was fine with me,i was with my sister and talking to my grandma and my other relatives. A while later when i was pigging out on cake,i heard a brawling noise and i saw Maya on the floor. I put my plate down and immediately ran towards her...My aunt had picked her up but she waved her arms at me and i gently held her close consoling her. All was forgiven shortly afterward and I guess Maya's mom(my sis-in-law) was impressed that i should be so willing to help someone so readily at the cost of my own time. Then again,thats inherited,i got it from my mama!

So she started to play with me again...and then when it was time to leave,my cousin invited me over to stay at his place for my hols and when i most happily agreed, Maya started doing this little dance and it was so sweet.

Random stuff...

This is the third time I'm beginning to type out something , but the previous time, i stopped mid way coz i lost track of what i'm saying... I've been a kind of a wreck nowadays, life testing out its arsenal on me... I want to say one thing thou, never lose hope, coz theres always something else waiting to pick you up when you're low...
I'm proud to say one of my cousin is recieving a gold medal for her performance in M.Sc from none other than His former excellency Dr A P J Abdul Kalam himself!!! We're all so proud of you Vidya akka, Love you!!
That apart, I've been drowned in preparing the godawful project report for the study tours we went on... It took hell lot of time, but i came through and it came out well too!... Guess blogging gives you strange language ideas. But there were a few blunders there too, and unfortunately for me, they were all discovered AFTER I write them in the record book.Somehow,for example "boating facilities available here" has managed to become " beating facilities available here ".. I swear i didnt write it that way, my book is haunted. Some of the distances in kilometres to the places i've mentioned are entirely imaginary... I've taken a dig at the officials of the Nagarhole National Park, and if i'm sued for libel and arrested, I'm counting on my dear readers to hold Nation-wide protests and get me out... Oh you can all cough up for bail too, that would also do thank you.
These few days have seen me going from top of things to being very low, somehow, some of my friends stuck with me, and I'm grateful to them for that.
Maddy has become an exam freak and has gone to the level of actualy looking for more exams to write!! Oh and he's not so lonely nowadays, I actually drain 2 bucks and sms him once a while...
The cuckoo culture has caught on and so many ppl asked me to get one for them, I've messed up the list, so ppl who want one, leave a comment :P {I'm talking about the cuckoo whistle}
Recent developements:
1) I discovered I'm a workaholic... I kinda like mind boggling work
2) Yesterday, i powered off my computer after 3days!!
3) I finally learnt to drift in Need For Speed Carbon
4) A new tower near my house.. result: Full signal everywhere... I'm waiting for lightning to strike that tower and put it out of comission coz i'm not used to that kind of luck
5) I'm beginning to come up with crazy, shakespeare kind of lines while i'm talking to people nowadays
6) Tomorrow is good friend since 13 Years Chinmay's birthday... Happy birthday in advance dude.\m/
Peace be with you...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Psychology of Loneliness

For ppl reading this blog, those hu havent genuinely been lonely cant even begin to relate what i'm gonna pen down.

I always wanted to take time-off n think things thru, but it seems that is over-rated, i didn tak time off,but it was kinda forced upon me

Have been in total isolation for about a week now, i hav my family, but they r busy till the end of jan atleast coz of my sis's weddin, so why bother em with my silly probs in life

when loneliness consumes u, u wont even feel lik talkin to anyone, its a total paradox, but once u get into this depressed state of mind, u don feel lik gettin outta it even though u desperately want to. been thinkin about my life till now n guess wat i'm not satisfied
I mean i havent achieved anything which caused happiness to any1, there has only been ill feelings, jealousy, tears n a lotta fights, even for my parents, i havent given em bac an iota for the love and affection they hav showered on me, its always been a case of so near yet so far but wats the use of tht, winnin a race by a hair breadth or 10 doesnt matter as long as u win, n second place gets ground into the dust..

Thnkin about what i want in life n i am sure the direction i am goin is not the one i want, but is there a shining light to show the alternative, NO......
I dont feel lik eatin, jus eat jus coz i know the body needs food 2 survive( n if i don eat, ppl will start noticin,n i dont want tht), now i just want to be alone, alone, alone......
My cell fone has been a busy thing for the past 4 yrs, in the las 3 days there were jus 1 call n 4 messages.
Its really sad that all my friends hav moved on to better things in life(better for em i.e) and thr r some ppl hu asks me 2 call em if i feel bored n when i do, they r busy beyond imagination n don return the call bac...i noe its not on purpose, they r busy with their life n career's but in the end no1 cares about me, n no1 listens to me
Been heartbroken in a lotta things in my life

U try to do stuff, but u'r mind dis-attaches itself from the things u see, i want peace but cant even sleep
i go out once in a day, drive around the city in my car n think, dats coz i force myself to get out, hopin against hope tht somethin will turn up,
There is nothin left in my life to hope 4 at the moment
I hope soon that i will be lik the masses who have a deluded version of reality

I feel lik my head is about to explode, there r no voices in my head tellin me to commit sucide but thr is a naggin feelin that i'm close, but i will fight it.

I'll be bac...ven....not even takin a wild guess

Consumed by this beast
I'll never be free

P.S- when u r lonely, u'r random playlist magically plays songs fit for the mood 9 times outta 10..mayb thr is some sense into this mind control thing after all

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Battling the GODS...

ladies and other ladies..
I heard that I was much awaited here...
I m here...! (With a bang)

I’ve been caught up between stuff..
wondering abt wat to write..
there r so many things I can comment upon..
but I think there's not much fun to it unless u hit the right buttons or step on the right nerves..

These were a few things which kept me busy deciding..
1) My theories to terrorize stray dogs.
2) A new story wid a supernatural twist to it.
3) About how I tried to get a 6-pack and then discovered that I like round belly more.
4) About all the movies I have seen till date.. (then I realized that half of my life I have been sittin in front of the computer watchin a movie… then I felt really good and partied it out)
5) How I think late night sleeping and late “NooN” waking is so awesome.

Well it was all so regular. I thought it’s neither here nor there. Then I went online on orkut searchin for fun. (yeah I m practically a geek… widout the knowledge)

There’s a Calvin and Hobbes community with a forum in which ppl comment on other ppl’s profiles in order to get to read a good thing or two about theirs. So I was there, doing my thing, suddenly this guy visited my profile and commented on my religion choice, which I think was so religist. I m a satisfied Atheist. And he commented “is it the new “in” thing.”

Well he’s a hindu.. and goin by the country v live in.. I’ve gotta say “that’s the only ‘in’ thing here.”

Ppl fighting over
the “ramsetu”,
ram mandir,
Modern Ramleela resulting in the imprisonment of the head of an educational institute,
my being an atheist…

(and off the record) Definitely Mr. Ram is the cynosure of the chaos.

It was odd enough that somebody gets irritated by some other guy cuz he doesn’t follow the same religion. Now ppl have problem wid the neutrals. I wasn’t as offended by the comment as I was amazed. Wat was he tryin there…. Christening me into a Hindu?? Well I have my reasons not following any religion as most of you must be having for following one.

For me the whole religion thing is way too overrated.
For starters.. it gets weird ppl to comment on ur profile on orkut.

More importantly I believe these religions, all of them, were interpreted wrong.
Its just like fuzzy logic. Lots of books, lots of interpreters… Chaos.
Well lets face it. All of the religions emerged from the holy books.


And the way these have been interpreted resulted into a chaotic disorder. The arbiters of defining the religion projected deities out of the holy books. They had supernatural powers, were morally correct strong, fought against evil and won.

They made these guys GOD.

I think the intention of the actual writers of the books was to create an image of goodness, an image towards which the readers would look with awe and will learn from them. They created an image of a man who’d live and let live, be good morally and otherwise.

So wat went wrong here was the birth of a deity instead of the birth of a new way of living.
I believe that if v were more inclined towards being like the GODS instead of following them like Kings & Queens and battling over it, we could have had a really beautiful place to live in.

Furthermore, i think its not too late to change our outlook. If we just can think of GODS as more of an INSPIRATION than a POWER and a LAW, we'd work our way thru to the beautiful place we all wanted to be in.

I m not against Religion and GOD.
I m against the way its affecting us.
Stop fighting over religion and gods, give more importance to humanity and dont judge others on the basis of their choice of religion.

And hey...
there's a fun fact...
If u r a totalist on religion then i'd ask ur discretion abt this..

I think if ppl are following a religion, they should know that they are goin to hell.
dont get me wrong cuz i didnt make the rules..
Every religion says "if u don't follow the religion, You'll go to hell."
and nobody can live by peacefully following all of the religions.
so everybody will go to hell.
I, as I said, dont follow any religion, which makes me quite a strong contender of being in the Who's Who of hell. and I m happy with that.
with all thats goin here, it wont be much tough to live up there.

its wonderful how our lives can be completely shaken by the choices we make.
well.. life is wat it should be..

Simple misinterpretation….!

By the way…
I m not giving out any ideas.
Just here to say hi..


My Roadtrip : Part 1

I've been sittin around lazily for quite a while now and so i decided 2 waste my time going places in India, wasting time is the same everywhere na....

So first stop Chennai, i have never been in Tamil Nadu, been there once, when i a small kid,
I dont have close friends in Chennai, so i told my parents that i was gonna write an exam which i could hav written in trivandrum itself...its a miracle that they didn find out...

Neways since i didn know the place at all,i thought of taking the train instead of the road, i went on friday evening, alone, i thought i wud get bored, but sittin in the train lookin outside @ the darkness gives u a loads of time 4 introspection,so i didn sleep that night,n jus listened 2 music

Reached the city @ 930, went n stayed at an acquaintance's place....had breakfast n went straight to bed....woke up at about 5,and since i had an xam on sunday,thought i'll spend the time inside.
next day i had the xam at IIT, i dont remember how i wrote it

In the afternoon, i went and met a couple of friends i met online, had a really fun time
The next day also spent time with those friends and that was one of the most vivid, emotive and beautiful days in my life.

Now my impression about Chennai, when i came there first, i saw a really dirty city, i really disliked the place, the people there didn speak any of the languages i know(malayalam,hindi n english), a totally rustic atmosphere, so i had no idea how to get 4m one place to the next. The auto drivers there charge an arm n a leg, for taking you from one junction to another, i didn c 1 single autodriver reset the meter, the meter is always down, for a guy who goes 2 most places in my city under 25bucks, the min charge rs 30 was too much to handle, but wat could i do, no1 cud help me with the bus routes, and the water there,i dont think it can get harder water anywhr,i mean the soaps doesnt even lather, my hair was a complete mess ( there went my chance to get a nice impression on my friends :( ), by the end of the first day i hated the place

The last 24hours in Chennai completely changed my opinion about the place, n it was due to my new friends, by the end of monday, i didn want to leave the place so soon, i had great fun there

Bottom line
For a person coming from a small city like mine and who likes to have a balance between a fast life and a normal life, a city like Chennai is an ideal place to have a good life, coz u can lead your life the way you wish to, for a person comin from a metro lik mumbai or delhi might not like it that much,coz the atmosphere is totally different here, and Chennai is one of the best places to have vegetarian food, guaranteed, there is a lot of flavour n variety.

1.words to learn
- evalo(how much to auto drivers)
-rhomba jasti( that charge is too much)
-teriyuma(do u know)
-vali enge(whr is the way)
2.Hair Gel(i hate it,but u hav to have it, the teeth of my comb were falling off,my hair was lik a stick)
3.Try the vegetarian food(a foodie's delight)
4.goto besant nagar beach(the biggest beach i hav seen, hrd thr is also a bigger one marina beach,but didn go thr)
5.Shopping malls( Spencer Plaza, City center, i only got 2 see these place,didn enter coz if lack of time)

Any person who goes to Chennai with an open mind will lik the city, i didn even visit 10% n i still wish that i didn have to leave the place, i dont know when i will be bac there, if ever, but i wont ever forget my trip there...Chennai Rocks

Next Stop: Bangalore

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hey y'all!

Well hey there y'all,i'm the latest author of this blog. So allow me to inroduce myself(well i told arjun to do it but he didnt >:I ). I'm Aishwarya Ramesh a.k.a Aishu,Ash,shorty etc....the list goes.. I'm currently ** yrs old... HAH did you really think i'd say it out PUBLIC?! Well anyway,anybody whos my friend knows how old i am so i dont think its necessary for me to say it.

Well enough small talk,lets get to the main point of my post.

All right..people have known me to be psycho but at this time,i think i'm pushing my limits. At the second i'm very very confused as there are a lot of highly opinionated people who live inside my brain and enjoy messing around with my thoughts. Now these people do not bear any resemblence to anybody i know in real life and i know that because they are just parts of my personality existing as separate people. But to be safe,if i use indian names,i might be the cause of fights and i dont want that so just to be safe,im using american names.

Heather-Head cheerleader type with a full on mean and "I dont care about you" attitude.
Sarah-Shy,easily hurt
Miley-Well shes not exactly a person,shes just always singing appropriately inappropriate songs.
Oh and Sarah and Heather hate each other

Now i dont suffer from MPD or something if thats what yor thinking,its just that things have got me going,and these people have been in me all this time but they never bothered talking to me.

Anyway,as a lot of people know,i have been dumped.Everytime i see my ex online,i want to talk to him but THIS is what usually goes on in my head
(ME:About to hit the enter key with ''hey'' typed in the text field)
Heather:Hold it! (ME:Stops short) What do you think you're doing?
Linda-Shes kinda wanting to talk to him
Heather:Gurl thats exactly what i said you SHOULDN'T do.
Sarah-And whys that?I mean she loves him and all
Heather:Because the more she talks to him,the more she wants him back.Her own logic's going against her!
Linda,Sarah:What logic?
Heather:the one you came up with Linda. The one that ssays the less a girl wants a guy,the more the guy tends to want her.
Linda:Oh that one.
Heather:Exactly!At least someone agrees.
Sarah:I'm not agreeing.Anyway,go ahead and talk to him Ash,you know you want to
Heather:Touch that enter key and you'll regret it.
Sarah:Oh please heather,what are you gonna do?Beat her up?
Heather:No But i CAN beat you up!
Linda:Girls stop it! This isn't important
Miley:(singing in a weird tune)Why can't we be friends...why cant we be friends....
Sarah:Shes right. Hes more important, just go ahead and do it.
Linda:Yeah you know you want to
Heather:HELLO! Ash are you listening to me AT ALL?! Yor own damn logic is working against you and remember,you're the one whos way out of HIS league
Linda:Oh come on Heather, you know thats not true.
Heather:Oh yeah well I for one know IT SO IS!
Miley:(Singing Who said-Hannah Montana)Who says,who says i can't be superman,i say,i say that i know i can!
Sarah:Um im kinda going to have to go with Lin here.
Heather:Ash you know that your attitude is the most important thing you need.
Sarah:Personality is equally important
Linda:If not more.
Miley:(*singing i miss you-Blink 182)-Don't waste your time on me,you're already the voice inside my head,I miss you
Heather,Linda,Sarah:SHUT UP!!!
Heather:Okay you know what,do whatever the hell you want,I got yo back 200 percent and that aint the issue but just remember,i want wahts best for you and i dont want to see you get hurt or walked all over.
Sarah:Oh please Heather,shes a big girl,she can take it
{ME:*subconciously murmurering: I'm sorry Heather}
Sarah:Forget about her.You're doing what you think is right
Linda:Shes Right. Go on. Do it.
{Me:*Grin to myself a little* I'm doin it}

And just as im about to hit the enter key.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Presenting my kid sis...!

Well hello people!... I've been having one heck of a headache these days so i havent been able to post anything worthwile... Also the fact that there's nothing going on also...
But today i want to talk about my Kid cousin sister... Her name is Anagha and she's dynamite worth her weight. She talks such a lot and she's more grown up than I am!
She wont listen to anyone, except if the person has a really nice and big chocolate.
But fortunately for humanity, my mum seems to have some amount of control over her so the situation wont be that bad all the time.
A strange thing is that she can be amazingly well mannered if she wants to but can turn downright evil in about 3 millionths of a second. All her antics while she's around makes me want to scream "not fair" or " I give up"... but i also {strangely} miss her when she leaves.
Oh she's in UKG by the way.. thats a 5 year old.
Today was a fancy dress competition in her school, and she's the defending champion from last year, my whole family was pulling out all stops to make her keep her title.
After a lot of deliberation, it was decided to dress her up like a Malyali bride. {certainly NOT my idea} They came home yesterday , and mum managed to get the saree and the dressing code down from one of her many friends. The dress rehersal {i swear to god I DONT know the spelling} went well yesterday , I even clicked a few photos, she was looking very cute also. {I'll try and put up those pics when i figure out how}
But today was an altogether a different story...It was fun the way 3 ladies battling against time and a souped up 5 year old to get her into a saree and all the decorations... It took the combined efforths of mum, her mom and my elder cousin sis to get her ready in time and take her to the school. Poor girl put up with the wait and the results are awaited...
Well its not much but I'll write up with more details on her sometime later.
Recent developements:
1) I may land a part time job very soon
2) I'm still survivng on sim card memory
3) My laptop needs servicing... I have to bang spacebar to get it to work
4) My cuckoo whistle is causing a lot of mental trauma to my parents
5) Orkut is geting so boring nowadays i feel like quitting
6) Tomorrow is my good friend and junior in school Neha Roy's birthday... so its HAPPY BIRTHDAY
(in advance) TO YOU... !!! ^_^

Thursday, December 6, 2007

About a girl....

I know the title makes me sound love sick or somethin but its not tht( i hope its not)......
anyway, yesterday there was a workshop on careers conducted in the city...since i was in the area i hopped in....thr i saw a girl, she is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen....i thought of talkin to her, but somethin prevented me from doin that...i am not a kinda guy hu gets scared n all sweaty when i go talk to a girl...m usually confident, mayb a bit cocky too, never in my life have i had a problem lik this....n thr i ws lookin(starin a bit 2..i suppose) at her, jus couldnt take my eyes off her n had all these stuff runnin through my head, wat shud i say to her, damn i'm gettin pathetic i thought, i nvr plan wat i'm gonna say, i'm spontaneous....this is wat i kept sayin 2 myself...ten another part of me told...wat if u say the wrong thing...she get turned off by u'r attitude and while this game pf poker was bein played in my head, the session got over and every1 left....i kept on lookin at her...wishin tht if she looked in my direction, i would giv her a smile n go talk to her....n she did look n i turned away(God,how lame can i get..)

so finally i didn talk to her...thr is another session tomm,the last one...guess i hav to summon my courage n go talk....or should i...a pretty girl lik tht will b involved with some1 rite...or did i blew my chance?? (the million dollar question)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Here i am....

Hey name's madhav a.k.a maddy...sry only known as maddy nowadays...i'm 21 n hv completed my engg(it is goddamn difficult,wud advise every1 against it)
Have always wondered about blogging, i'm a big fan of the diary system,but dats private, this kinda stuff ppl know abt,so y??....ten again wat if ppl c wt kinda crap u rite down....those u want will read it,so i thought of starting a blog....ten due to my laziness, i nvr started....ten Arjun invited me 2 b the co-author n so here i first foray into the fascinating world of blogging

hmmmm...sme mre titbit's abt me, i'm presently doin nothin, nooo,don thnk of me as another engg with no job, i've got a job in infosys, but i feel tht a software firm is not my callin tough i'm a whiz @ programmin,so i've put my job on hold n tryin 2 figure out wat i want in far i've only got 2 things on my list
1.To buy a Ferrari
2.To find a dream girl hu wont care tht i love the Ferrari more than her :D
still adding things 2 tht list

i spent abt 8 hrs in front of the computer,but only an hour on chattin, i browse these totally useless sites n get a whole lotta info...god knows whr i'm gonna use em...ten i'm known as one of the most irritatin guys on earth, my friend's opinion...but still ppl lik me (hence prove's my theory that ppl r nuts !!)
wanna know mre abt me...visit my orkut profile..
n dn read the testi's....ppl don hav 1 fixed opinion, few things common in every testi...guess i'm one complex dude... ;)

Tough this blog is called simple nonsenses of life i've decided to contribute some profound ones as well

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gaaaaah! (at wits end)

I'm throwing my phone out...
Smashed up, battered Nokia 5070 for sale... cheap!
Well, i dont know how to break this to you people...
If you people read what my dear soul sis commented yesterday, on my older piece, that my fone is jinxed, she couldnt be more right!!
Today, I lost my phone memory... It seems to be happening a lot these days... In the morning, one of my friends in Bangalore messaged me saying she lost hers too... But its because she dropped her phone into water.
Mine is a fully diffrent case...
My brother lost his phone so we got a duplicate sim card. After i checked out if the sim was working properly on my handset, I put my sim , and i find my contacts list is empty!!
Then i see that only sim mempry is being displayed, and i learn that my phone memory is "protected".
Its got the numbers of my fellow hitmen of the Russian Mafia you see {:P}
Its asked for a security code... According to the users manual, its 12345... unfortunately for me, my fone has tastes of its own.. It didnt like that code.. so eveytime i enter that code, it makes weird noises and says buzz off!
I'm taking it to Apollo hospital tomorrow, and if they dont help, Its straight into the river , I HAD ENOUGH!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Vodafone Rhapsody

Well people, these mobile phone companies seem to have lost it completely. I’ve had a few surprises but never one like today.
The thing is my plan is 295, one year validity, and at 79 paise per minute to any cellphone. When I activated the plan, It seemed like I had 13 hours worth of Vodafone to Vodafone calls free. It was like some countdown timer was ticking down but the balance amount wasn’t getting reduced. So I started using it in full force… Especially during School’s annual day function {all my friends have Vodafones too} So I used it almost like a walkie-talkie. Last when I saw, I still had around 9 hours of free calls left. Then the next day after the annual day, I check my account balance and nearly lost my balance… I’d been had!
Looks like my calls during the annual day had been charged!
I was away all this time so I couldn’t goto the customer care centre. I went today. This was how the conversation went:
Me: Excuse me, I have a problem
The Vodafone lady{TVL}: Yes sir, how may I help you?
Me: My free calls got over all of a sudden
TVL: Really? How?
Me: You have to tell me that…
TVL: What is your number?
* I give the number… The lady pokes around on her IBM machine *
TVL: You have been migrated from your plan sir…
Me: What the!
TVL: yup… after your recharge…
Me: but the calls started charging even before I got the recharge done! I had to get the recharge done only because these calls started charging me… get it?
TVL: No sir
Me: {rapidly losing patience} Do you have records of my payments… I only have an SMS package!
TVL: one moment sir… *pokes around again* … according the records in your plan, you DO NOT have ANY free calls…
Me: What the!
TVL: I’m sorry, I guess you enjoyed it all this time…

I walk out…
Moral: Vodafone is the funniest provider I’ve seen!
Recent updates:
1) Term is over… study holidays till 26th December
2) Went out with my cousins and Brother in law yesterday… Bhava has xplod systems on his car!
3) Hot chocolate fudge rules!
4) I found a soul sis!
5) My trial period for Office 2007 got over! L
6) Google’s smileys suck!
Well, that’s it for now… I’ll catch up later.. And oh yeah, Prateek is also an author on this blog now… looking forward to some great stuff from him here!