Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Roadtrip : Part 1

I've been sittin around lazily for quite a while now and so i decided 2 waste my time going places in India, wasting time is the same everywhere na....

So first stop Chennai, i have never been in Tamil Nadu, been there once, when i a small kid,
I dont have close friends in Chennai, so i told my parents that i was gonna write an exam which i could hav written in trivandrum itself...its a miracle that they didn find out...

Neways since i didn know the place at all,i thought of taking the train instead of the road, i went on friday evening, alone, i thought i wud get bored, but sittin in the train lookin outside @ the darkness gives u a loads of time 4 introspection,so i didn sleep that night,n jus listened 2 music

Reached the city @ 930, went n stayed at an acquaintance's place....had breakfast n went straight to bed....woke up at about 5,and since i had an xam on sunday,thought i'll spend the time inside.
next day i had the xam at IIT, i dont remember how i wrote it

In the afternoon, i went and met a couple of friends i met online, had a really fun time
The next day also spent time with those friends and that was one of the most vivid, emotive and beautiful days in my life.

Now my impression about Chennai, when i came there first, i saw a really dirty city, i really disliked the place, the people there didn speak any of the languages i know(malayalam,hindi n english), a totally rustic atmosphere, so i had no idea how to get 4m one place to the next. The auto drivers there charge an arm n a leg, for taking you from one junction to another, i didn c 1 single autodriver reset the meter, the meter is always down, for a guy who goes 2 most places in my city under 25bucks, the min charge rs 30 was too much to handle, but wat could i do, no1 cud help me with the bus routes, and the water there,i dont think it can get harder water anywhr,i mean the soaps doesnt even lather, my hair was a complete mess ( there went my chance to get a nice impression on my friends :( ), by the end of the first day i hated the place

The last 24hours in Chennai completely changed my opinion about the place, n it was due to my new friends, by the end of monday, i didn want to leave the place so soon, i had great fun there

Bottom line
For a person coming from a small city like mine and who likes to have a balance between a fast life and a normal life, a city like Chennai is an ideal place to have a good life, coz u can lead your life the way you wish to, for a person comin from a metro lik mumbai or delhi might not like it that much,coz the atmosphere is totally different here, and Chennai is one of the best places to have vegetarian food, guaranteed, there is a lot of flavour n variety.

1.words to learn
- evalo(how much to auto drivers)
-rhomba jasti( that charge is too much)
-teriyuma(do u know)
-vali enge(whr is the way)
2.Hair Gel(i hate it,but u hav to have it, the teeth of my comb were falling off,my hair was lik a stick)
3.Try the vegetarian food(a foodie's delight)
4.goto besant nagar beach(the biggest beach i hav seen, hrd thr is also a bigger one marina beach,but didn go thr)
5.Shopping malls( Spencer Plaza, City center, i only got 2 see these place,didn enter coz if lack of time)

Any person who goes to Chennai with an open mind will lik the city, i didn even visit 10% n i still wish that i didn have to leave the place, i dont know when i will be bac there, if ever, but i wont ever forget my trip there...Chennai Rocks

Next Stop: Bangalore

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Arjun M said...

cool... you seemed to have a nice time! What does Aishwarya have to say about your evaluation of Chennai?