Monday, December 17, 2007

Random stuff...

This is the third time I'm beginning to type out something , but the previous time, i stopped mid way coz i lost track of what i'm saying... I've been a kind of a wreck nowadays, life testing out its arsenal on me... I want to say one thing thou, never lose hope, coz theres always something else waiting to pick you up when you're low...
I'm proud to say one of my cousin is recieving a gold medal for her performance in M.Sc from none other than His former excellency Dr A P J Abdul Kalam himself!!! We're all so proud of you Vidya akka, Love you!!
That apart, I've been drowned in preparing the godawful project report for the study tours we went on... It took hell lot of time, but i came through and it came out well too!... Guess blogging gives you strange language ideas. But there were a few blunders there too, and unfortunately for me, they were all discovered AFTER I write them in the record book.Somehow,for example "boating facilities available here" has managed to become " beating facilities available here ".. I swear i didnt write it that way, my book is haunted. Some of the distances in kilometres to the places i've mentioned are entirely imaginary... I've taken a dig at the officials of the Nagarhole National Park, and if i'm sued for libel and arrested, I'm counting on my dear readers to hold Nation-wide protests and get me out... Oh you can all cough up for bail too, that would also do thank you.
These few days have seen me going from top of things to being very low, somehow, some of my friends stuck with me, and I'm grateful to them for that.
Maddy has become an exam freak and has gone to the level of actualy looking for more exams to write!! Oh and he's not so lonely nowadays, I actually drain 2 bucks and sms him once a while...
The cuckoo culture has caught on and so many ppl asked me to get one for them, I've messed up the list, so ppl who want one, leave a comment :P {I'm talking about the cuckoo whistle}
Recent developements:
1) I discovered I'm a workaholic... I kinda like mind boggling work
2) Yesterday, i powered off my computer after 3days!!
3) I finally learnt to drift in Need For Speed Carbon
4) A new tower near my house.. result: Full signal everywhere... I'm waiting for lightning to strike that tower and put it out of comission coz i'm not used to that kind of luck
5) I'm beginning to come up with crazy, shakespeare kind of lines while i'm talking to people nowadays
6) Tomorrow is good friend since 13 Years Chinmay's birthday... Happy birthday in advance dude.\m/
Peace be with you...

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