Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Battling the GODS...

ladies and other ladies..
I heard that I was much awaited here...
I m here...! (With a bang)

I’ve been caught up between stuff..
wondering abt wat to write..
there r so many things I can comment upon..
but I think there's not much fun to it unless u hit the right buttons or step on the right nerves..

These were a few things which kept me busy deciding..
1) My theories to terrorize stray dogs.
2) A new story wid a supernatural twist to it.
3) About how I tried to get a 6-pack and then discovered that I like round belly more.
4) About all the movies I have seen till date.. (then I realized that half of my life I have been sittin in front of the computer watchin a movie… then I felt really good and partied it out)
5) How I think late night sleeping and late “NooN” waking is so awesome.

Well it was all so regular. I thought it’s neither here nor there. Then I went online on orkut searchin for fun. (yeah I m practically a geek… widout the knowledge)

There’s a Calvin and Hobbes community with a forum in which ppl comment on other ppl’s profiles in order to get to read a good thing or two about theirs. So I was there, doing my thing, suddenly this guy visited my profile and commented on my religion choice, which I think was so religist. I m a satisfied Atheist. And he commented “is it the new “in” thing.”

Well he’s a hindu.. and goin by the country v live in.. I’ve gotta say “that’s the only ‘in’ thing here.”

Ppl fighting over
the “ramsetu”,
ram mandir,
Modern Ramleela resulting in the imprisonment of the head of an educational institute,
my being an atheist…

(and off the record) Definitely Mr. Ram is the cynosure of the chaos.

It was odd enough that somebody gets irritated by some other guy cuz he doesn’t follow the same religion. Now ppl have problem wid the neutrals. I wasn’t as offended by the comment as I was amazed. Wat was he tryin there…. Christening me into a Hindu?? Well I have my reasons not following any religion as most of you must be having for following one.

For me the whole religion thing is way too overrated.
For starters.. it gets weird ppl to comment on ur profile on orkut.

More importantly I believe these religions, all of them, were interpreted wrong.
Its just like fuzzy logic. Lots of books, lots of interpreters… Chaos.
Well lets face it. All of the religions emerged from the holy books.


And the way these have been interpreted resulted into a chaotic disorder. The arbiters of defining the religion projected deities out of the holy books. They had supernatural powers, were morally correct strong, fought against evil and won.

They made these guys GOD.

I think the intention of the actual writers of the books was to create an image of goodness, an image towards which the readers would look with awe and will learn from them. They created an image of a man who’d live and let live, be good morally and otherwise.

So wat went wrong here was the birth of a deity instead of the birth of a new way of living.
I believe that if v were more inclined towards being like the GODS instead of following them like Kings & Queens and battling over it, we could have had a really beautiful place to live in.

Furthermore, i think its not too late to change our outlook. If we just can think of GODS as more of an INSPIRATION than a POWER and a LAW, we'd work our way thru to the beautiful place we all wanted to be in.

I m not against Religion and GOD.
I m against the way its affecting us.
Stop fighting over religion and gods, give more importance to humanity and dont judge others on the basis of their choice of religion.

And hey...
there's a fun fact...
If u r a totalist on religion then i'd ask ur discretion abt this..

I think if ppl are following a religion, they should know that they are goin to hell.
dont get me wrong cuz i didnt make the rules..
Every religion says "if u don't follow the religion, You'll go to hell."
and nobody can live by peacefully following all of the religions.
so everybody will go to hell.
I, as I said, dont follow any religion, which makes me quite a strong contender of being in the Who's Who of hell. and I m happy with that.
with all thats goin here, it wont be much tough to live up there.

its wonderful how our lives can be completely shaken by the choices we make.
well.. life is wat it should be..

Simple misinterpretation….!

By the way…
I m not giving out any ideas.
Just here to say hi..



Arjun M said...

finally. * drumroll *
All hail prateek!

Nice entry mate!
Looking forward to some great stuff from you mate!

Maddy said...

leave it 2 prateek to give a total new twist to our blog....

Nikki said...

that was an intelligent commentary.. i liked it... tho u noe ppl also follow religion for a sense of identity and stability ( some also to fill an emotional void)and not all of them give religion a bad name.. only the fanatics..

Maddy said...

I agree with that...ven ppl know that all things arent in their hands, it relieves a lil bit of pressure( at least for me), n for failures, religion can be a comfort as they say 'God didn mean 4 u 2 do this'...all things said, there is a negative side 2 this thinkin too....

to me all the books are just philosophical works, different ways of interpretation for every1, apply it 2 their life as they seem fit
when they try to mak others follow wat they feel, the probs arise..

neways no use talkin bout this,coz nothin's gonna change this

Arjun M said...

Hell yeah... Following or believeing in or anything should be left to people... it must not be forced on others... And fights about it suck too...