Friday, December 21, 2007

Taking a break...

Hello People...
I'll go straight to it.. I'm feeling like how Maddy was feeling a few days back. Not so hopeless, but a bit lonely, yes. There have been a few bright days, when, for example, Vidya's gold medal was confirmed, or when we had an awesome time on Chinmay's birthday. But most of the time, I'm feeling like i'm dragging on things without any meaning to any of it. There must be around four and a half truck loads to study, but i dont think i will survive in front of my books right now.
The all-important cell-phone has also been a major cause of distress. I dont know how and where the currency just goes off. I try maintaining decent figures, but i guess 10 paise per message is still too much, and oh 2 bucks per message for out of state phones.
All those people who were almost standing on my head to get a phone so that they can "keep in touch" better,have found they have better work to do after all, now that i have a phone!
The only few ppl who used to message me are either busy at a wedding in Belgaum, or away on a 5 day trip to Citradurga and god knows where else.
Oh and the only one i thought who would be worth talking to, even if it were a distance call, seemed to prefer 50 cent, candy shop to my call...never mind me standing in the blistering cold on my terrace in the drizzlin and windy hell at 10 30 in the night, just so i can hear how she sounded.
Oh but i've had the chance to be talking to another nice girl, who happens to be the friend of the very first and only admirer of this blog, and she's been 'enlightening' me about various topics i've ought to have been more curious about earlier ;) :P
Also always there whenever i'm online is one of my friends from PU college, and that anti-social legspin freak never pings me.
I have no idea where my parents disappear to sometimes.
I got the hall tickets for my exams, and to my shock, it starts on the 26th of this month.
So, I'm bucking up and starting to get down to some serious studying, and so there will be no blog posts from till maybe 8th of january next year. I'm counting on Maddy or Prateek or Aishwarya to keep the blog alive.
So long my dear readers, may peace be with you while I'm gone...

P.S: I'll still be on gmail and yahoo each night maybe from 9, cant miss that! :)


Pooja ...... said...

Awww lol :P well it WAS fun enlightenin u ..more so cuz i KNEW u were replyin in monosyllables cuz u were busy searchin for said "enlightenment" in either wiki or google :P and i really do love ur updates n im gonna miss em ! :( U have a nice style of writin (high compliment) .. well finish ur exams soon and come visit me wid a cuckoo whistle :D . lol . And btw i changed MY plan by mistake ! Now i have no more free msgs n its costin me 10p *wails* i hope VOdafone dies a sloow painful death . i heard they had losses of some 31 billion in da last couple o yrs :D ! anywayz try updatin earlier but if u cant then we'll just chat on yahoo ( i shall try hard to overcome my feelings of hate towards it *swears*) Tc *hugs*
Peace !

Ankur Chakravarthy said...

Anti-social legspin freak?
What the ****?

Nikki said...

lol... what enlightenment did Ms. Buddha give u again? and i agree with her on ur writing style ( is it biased and rude to tell u that i like ur blog entries best of the 4 here? :) ) good luck with ur studying thing and do update before the 8th please! ur all-important phone (lol) does seem to be a bit temperamental... and woo hoo for post paid! *gloats* newayz good luck with ur exams ( the 26th? who the hell has exams then? weird...)

P.S : are u into star wars by some chance?

Arjun M said...

yes, it will be rude and biased to say that... they're way better than me...