Monday, December 3, 2007

Vodafone Rhapsody

Well people, these mobile phone companies seem to have lost it completely. I’ve had a few surprises but never one like today.
The thing is my plan is 295, one year validity, and at 79 paise per minute to any cellphone. When I activated the plan, It seemed like I had 13 hours worth of Vodafone to Vodafone calls free. It was like some countdown timer was ticking down but the balance amount wasn’t getting reduced. So I started using it in full force… Especially during School’s annual day function {all my friends have Vodafones too} So I used it almost like a walkie-talkie. Last when I saw, I still had around 9 hours of free calls left. Then the next day after the annual day, I check my account balance and nearly lost my balance… I’d been had!
Looks like my calls during the annual day had been charged!
I was away all this time so I couldn’t goto the customer care centre. I went today. This was how the conversation went:
Me: Excuse me, I have a problem
The Vodafone lady{TVL}: Yes sir, how may I help you?
Me: My free calls got over all of a sudden
TVL: Really? How?
Me: You have to tell me that…
TVL: What is your number?
* I give the number… The lady pokes around on her IBM machine *
TVL: You have been migrated from your plan sir…
Me: What the!
TVL: yup… after your recharge…
Me: but the calls started charging even before I got the recharge done! I had to get the recharge done only because these calls started charging me… get it?
TVL: No sir
Me: {rapidly losing patience} Do you have records of my payments… I only have an SMS package!
TVL: one moment sir… *pokes around again* … according the records in your plan, you DO NOT have ANY free calls…
Me: What the!
TVL: I’m sorry, I guess you enjoyed it all this time…

I walk out…
Moral: Vodafone is the funniest provider I’ve seen!
Recent updates:
1) Term is over… study holidays till 26th December
2) Went out with my cousins and Brother in law yesterday… Bhava has xplod systems on his car!
3) Hot chocolate fudge rules!
4) I found a soul sis!
5) My trial period for Office 2007 got over! L
6) Google’s smileys suck!
Well, that’s it for now… I’ll catch up later.. And oh yeah, Prateek is also an author on this blog now… looking forward to some great stuff from him here!


sanjana said... lil soul bro!!:)...hehehe..gosh!!!..ur fone seems 2 be jinxed!!..totally!!..:)..

ranjani said...

when did u become little mr.arjun??? i thought u wer proud of ur height

Arjun M said...

Hey... my soul sis refers to age.. not size!!.. I'm taller than her by a good measure for the record! :P