Monday, December 17, 2007


Her name means magic...i dont know in which language but it seems so perfect..My little bundle of joy, My Dancing Queen, My Little Niece Maya.

Okay so i used to absolutely despise her...Shes my cousin's daughter and i missed being the centre of his attention after she arrived but it took me so long to realise how much of a little devil with a halo she is and how much i love her for it.

I was at my other cousin's wedding recently. She looked pretty happy. But unfortunately(for me) i had a social exam the next day and hence i was sitting by myself with the thick social together with guide in my lap and my sis-in-law walked up to me and asked if i could babysit maya for a few minutes cause she had to do something. I agreed cuz wat the heck...i was bored anyway. So i closed my book,got up and gently took her into my arms and she smiled at me!

It was a shock for a few minutes but then she has the cutest smile ever ands so i couldn't help but to smile back. Before i could realise it,we were giggling and laughing together and people i see her someday as a huge designer...I cant explain it but i know thats the way shes gonna go.

Shes 2 and a half years old and she only just learned how to talk but seriously shes just way too adorable.And later that morning,at around 9,i had to gear up to leave and go back home. Thats when Maya started crying in earnest when i got into the car and waved at her. I froze for a second. I didn't exactly know wat to do.

So i had to get down and hug her and console her telling her that i'd be back in the evening for the reception and she only then,very very reluctantly let me go.

Then evening came and i arrived at the reception hall. It was beautifully decorated and it was a really fancy hotel and all and it was mega awesome and i nearly had a fit when i saw her outfit.

I was forced to wear a skirt and a shirt..and she was wearing a pair of super-hot blue jeans and a mega-cute pink tshirt! I was like :O! IT was unfair really...cause my skirt felt like someone had mummified my legs...I had to walk like that and there she was prancing around looking so so so cute.

So i snuck up on her and closed her eyes from behind and she gave a gleeful yell and turned around and giggled and smiled at me.

I was actually mega exhausted but her smile gave me new energy. Her hyperness was really contaigious and i offered her my finger,she gladly took it and then we were walking around together.

Later on,she found a new group of kids to sit with...which was fine with me,i was with my sister and talking to my grandma and my other relatives. A while later when i was pigging out on cake,i heard a brawling noise and i saw Maya on the floor. I put my plate down and immediately ran towards her...My aunt had picked her up but she waved her arms at me and i gently held her close consoling her. All was forgiven shortly afterward and I guess Maya's mom(my sis-in-law) was impressed that i should be so willing to help someone so readily at the cost of my own time. Then again,thats inherited,i got it from my mama!

So she started to play with me again...and then when it was time to leave,my cousin invited me over to stay at his place for my hols and when i most happily agreed, Maya started doing this little dance and it was so sweet.


Arjun M said...

Aww... She's soo cute!

Maddy said...

maya is sooooo cute....don evn feel lik lookin @ other things in the photo....such a sweet face..

n maya is magic in hindi n malayalam..

Arjun M said...

Maya is magic even in Kannada..!!

Pooja ...... said...

Awwww shes adorable !! Choo Chweet ! *gushes n smiles n wishes she could hug maya*