Monday, December 31, 2007

The Mask

Concealing myself
to make you happy
hiding behind my mask
making you think
im happy too
nobody can see all the pain i see
nobody can even if they try
cause crying these f*cking bitter tears
honestly makes me wanna die
I'm not "okay"
if i say i am
its a stupid white LIE
cause im not okay
if you take the mask away
will you understand?
will you hold me close
and tell me you love
the girl behind the mask
more than the mask itself?
The pain is killing me
i cant think at all
you ruin me
you break me
you shatter me completly
Have you seen the girl behind the mask
or have you seen the tears she cries?
They're made of blood
not water
I dont have any tears left to cry
the blood replaces water
but the mask itself says shes fine
but the girl behind it
is truly dying on the inside


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Pooja ...... said...

:| *looks around feelin stupid* .... nice one :P

sage said...

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