Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reach Somewhere...

i'll tell u a little story
its about a guy
who's on a journey
on a moonless sky

he's feelin thirsty
he bends to drink
from the river of blood
where the souls sink

life's a tough job
& he's tryin to reach somewhere
shootin at the world
he thinks he's almost there

the hate is so bitchy
& he stands alone
where love kills love
& death hides behind the stones

he wants them to believe
he wants them to understand
the life is too short
too short to depend

he lights up the candle
& brightens the lane
for a thousand faces
all livin in pain

the winds blow hard
certainly the winds of change
its the end of the nightmare
& its not so strange

next day he wakes up
& see the lovely lights.... but he knows
he's got to reach somewhere
coz its smilin... 'in the shadows'...