Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ever wondered why

1.Right handers wear watch on their left hand and vice versa

2.Indians fanatical about cricket though its one of the least popular sports worldwide

3.Guys n gals act sooo stupid while they are in love(i.e b4 the fights begin :D)

4.All of us want to break the rules instead of abiding by them

5.Teenagers always produce a language of their own annually

6.We know the names of the best engineering and medical colleges,but not of the other professions

7.How these over the top melodramatic serials became such a huge rage

8.Stars who crave for publicity act wierd when they finally get it n yell that ppl shud respect their privacy

9.All of us are hypocrite's in one way or the other

10.Our politicians are one of the most uneducated in the world

11.Most of us are afraid to speak our mind

12.Lying is easy n telling the truth is hard

13.How bush got re-elected

And that's it for me for this year, and mos prolly 4m us all, hope we have entertained our loyal readers, so wishing u all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Hoping to see you all next year with more crazy n weird crap


Arjun M said...

Thats an exit!
Well, i guess its true... Thats it for this year folks!

ranting_lil_whiner said...

have a gr8 new year everybody. btw,im a walking contradcition to the first point,ima right hander but i wear my watch on my right hand nevertheless