Monday, April 28, 2008

I think i'm goin crazy

Okay seriously...right from this second..i'm beginning to show all the signs of psychosis... don't even ask where i learnt that word!!! My brain is getting rusted..i can barely hear those wheels turning and my writing's becoming continuosly degraded...trying ever so hard to keep it up but i don understand whats going on inside my thick skull...

feel like i'm trapped underwater...gasping for breath cuz i dont know how to swim too..and i'm dead scared of water...its like my walls are closing in on me and i can barely breathe... hey that about a poem then...

Trapped beneath
The skin that(now) chains me
Feels like the ground is moving beneath my two feet
and i'm stuck desperately
trying to move with it 
but i can't
seems like I was supposed to have different plans

Feels like I'm trapped underwater
I can barely breathe
I try hard to escape
but my walls are closing in on me

My brain's rusted
My friends are far far far far far far far away
and theres not a damn thing i can do about it
not tomorrow and definitely not today!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Exams ahoy!

Well its that time of the year again.. :) when the heights of joblessness are reached and the desperate hunt for better things to do overwhelms you, to sometimes very entertaining results...
My semester end exams start on the 16th of May and i have no clue when it will end. neither do i know what i will write in the exam. I've hardly studied this sem and for most part of it we've been outside city for various reasons.. Its been waaay too long since i last posted anything here.. i had started this thing about my trip to mangalore, but coz the piece went too long, it made into parts, but the second part, unfortunately has..well.. you know timed out ;)
* sighs of relief from the readers is heard *
I had the opportunity to personally meet two of my friends who are my friends in the first place because of the blog. Pooja, who sometimes leaves some kick-ass comments here, and who is currently off the grid for two whole months * wails * :P. I was in her college competing in a National level tourism fest "Exodus". It was a lot of fun hanging out with her and she was kind enough to show me around the place and gave me company during the quiz event. Thanks a lot Dissy. i owe you one! >:D<
Prateek came down to Mysore with his charming friend. Now dont ask Prateek who, he's the writer of the post below if dont know him. He spent a day here, but unfortunately had a bad back so...
I wont go into too much details about that, coz i heard prateek himself is going to write about the time he spent here ;) isn't that right Prateek? :P
Other than this, I've been busy with various competitions and we had been on a week long study tour.. That was a lot of fun...
The system board on my laptop conked and it took the battery with it. Fortunately it still has warranty and saved me about 18 thousand bucks. Scary no?
The first admirer of this blog has gone international and is lost.
Its not like i update everyday, but i have to say i wont be updating the blog till my exams are done. After that you can look forward to all the stories of the study tours and fests and the people i met there...
Oh and i vey nearly forgot my cousin's wedding that took place last week!
anyway, see you next month with more stuff...
signing off,
Arjun M

P.S: Do keep snucking back to this blog... Its going to see unprecedented activity in the next two weeks... Watch out!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Truth of life.. Engineer's way...!

i've learned...

1) Distance is not always inversely proportional to love...
they kinda share a freakish nature..
it depends on the data given and the environmental conditions..

2) No matter how hard u try to do good stuff for others
some unaccounted failures always occure..
the breakdown maintenance department cant help
and Preventive maintenance isn't possible...its highly risky to live..

3) No matter how u express urself..
the diction n speech somewhere somehow goes wrong
or they'r not enough..body language has an imp role to play..

4) Ur care n concern is volatile
its not there if u dont do enough to show..
constant discharge is necessory..
else the carin efficiency is supposed to be low..

5) Even if u dont know a person much
u feel tat she/he has been there since forever..
time looses its importance
its just a frame of reference..

6) There are ppl whom u love a lot..
but they fail to understand ur love..
Expectations are really high..
its like solvin a zillion veriabled equation..and all you know is tat x is an unknown variable.

7) When ppl tell u what u should do..
they forget how they r supposed to tell it..
its like tryin to store 700MB in a floppy Drive
Generally ends with a GIGO(Garbage In Garbage Out) situation..

8) Sometimes ppl ask for too much..
u r in no position to satisfy there needs..
u find tat resources are low and demand is too high..
results in inflation and black marketing..

9) Sometimes u do stuff for urself..
and nobody understands..
u r then insensible, immature n kiddish..
its like a Data Sufficiancy question..and u have no way to establish ur logics..

The Boyz..

this poetry is dedicated to my school times n my group...

The world is not enough
when it comes to freakin out
& if its us, people shout it out loud
hide.. save urself... The Boyz r out...

We change the time
We set the trendz
We are the height of everything
We are your scariest friends

We are the life you live
We are the words you here
We are the heart of everything
We are your greatest fear..

Doing everything the way we want
Taking everything to the limit
Livin wiil be fun..
Believe me.. you'll love it

We give love
we are the trust
We can do anything
"Smile"... our only lust...

We live a life
Its so kingsize
Whatever we do..
Takes you out of demise....

But its our own style
Temptations .. no limitations..
We do everything
With a tinch of love... & lotsa irritations...


looking up at night
stars & the moon
reminds me of you
the special tune

we've grown up together
learned as made mistakes
the time spent together
sea shores & the cakes

its a special bond we share
pictures & the memories
you know how much i care
truth & the stories

you are special
and i am the lucky one
the spirits are high & wild
& the dreams are done.