Wednesday, December 30, 2009

iPod chronicles.......!!


APPLE SUCKS...........


My iPod is not a gadget. Its not a gizmo either. I'll tell you what it is?

A friggin SADISTIC B@$%$%^$.

See... I am the kind of girl who has an extremely diversified taste in music... Meaning i can listen to a love aaj kal song, mosh to a linkin park number, or groove to a hip hop beat. It doesn't matter to me. However, it does seem to matter to my dear little friend over here. For he enjoys playing only BOLLYWOOD tracks and NOTHING BUT. If my iPod was had a voice(which is just about the only thing it lacks), a typical conversation between us would go like this

Me-(cautiously)Good day.....
iPod-Whaddya want
Me-I was just wondering if i could add some more songs to my existing library
iPod-More? What 28 songs ain't enough for ya? You might go deaf if you listen to too much music
Me-Your concern towards me is touching
iPod-Yeah whatever. besides i'm not in the mood to today
Me-Are you EVER in the mood to do ANYTHING that i might perhaps NEED?
iPod-Hmm. Let me think. No
Me-I thought as much
iPod-hey be nice to me. Else...
iPod-Anyway, what songs?
Me-I was thinking maybe some evanesence, linkin park, skillet or maybe some metallica
iPod-Whoa there girl. That stuff's WAAY too heavy for you
Me-Then what would be appropriately suited for my listening requirements?
iPod- Maybe some song from Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani or Om Shanti Om
iPod-Dont' take that tone with me. Just try adding another song.
Me-Well lets see then b!@tCH!

2 hours later...

Me-Look....wat did i ever do to you in my past life?? Huh?? Why do you hate me so much??
iPod-Moron. I'm an iPod, i have no idea what you did to me in your past life.
Me-So why the torture then
iPod-I don't know
Me-What the F*$k do u mean YOU DONT KNOW?!!?!?
iPod- I mean i don't know. Just like watching you suffer
Me- Okay so what'll you do when i go out and buy a Sony Transcend MP3 player huh? Then you won't have Aishwarya Ramesh to kick around when your sorry little @$$ is in the trash can and you're wishing you showed a little more respect

(Erm....mind you this is a hypothetical conversation)

IPOD FOR SALE...........
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