Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hey y'all!

Well hey there y'all,i'm the latest author of this blog. So allow me to inroduce myself(well i told arjun to do it but he didnt >:I ). I'm Aishwarya Ramesh a.k.a Aishu,Ash,shorty etc....the list goes.. I'm currently ** yrs old... HAH did you really think i'd say it out PUBLIC?! Well anyway,anybody whos my friend knows how old i am so i dont think its necessary for me to say it.

Well enough small talk,lets get to the main point of my post.

All right..people have known me to be psycho but at this time,i think i'm pushing my limits. At the second i'm very very confused as there are a lot of highly opinionated people who live inside my brain and enjoy messing around with my thoughts. Now these people do not bear any resemblence to anybody i know in real life and i know that because they are just parts of my personality existing as separate people. But to be safe,if i use indian names,i might be the cause of fights and i dont want that so just to be safe,im using american names.

Heather-Head cheerleader type with a full on mean and "I dont care about you" attitude.
Sarah-Shy,easily hurt
Miley-Well shes not exactly a person,shes just always singing appropriately inappropriate songs.
Oh and Sarah and Heather hate each other

Now i dont suffer from MPD or something if thats what yor thinking,its just that things have got me going,and these people have been in me all this time but they never bothered talking to me.

Anyway,as a lot of people know,i have been dumped.Everytime i see my ex online,i want to talk to him but THIS is what usually goes on in my head
(ME:About to hit the enter key with ''hey'' typed in the text field)
Heather:Hold it! (ME:Stops short) What do you think you're doing?
Linda-Shes kinda wanting to talk to him
Heather:Gurl thats exactly what i said you SHOULDN'T do.
Sarah-And whys that?I mean she loves him and all
Heather:Because the more she talks to him,the more she wants him back.Her own logic's going against her!
Linda,Sarah:What logic?
Heather:the one you came up with Linda. The one that ssays the less a girl wants a guy,the more the guy tends to want her.
Linda:Oh that one.
Heather:Exactly!At least someone agrees.
Sarah:I'm not agreeing.Anyway,go ahead and talk to him Ash,you know you want to
Heather:Touch that enter key and you'll regret it.
Sarah:Oh please heather,what are you gonna do?Beat her up?
Heather:No But i CAN beat you up!
Linda:Girls stop it! This isn't important
Miley:(singing in a weird tune)Why can't we be friends...why cant we be friends....
Sarah:Shes right. Hes more important, just go ahead and do it.
Linda:Yeah you know you want to
Heather:HELLO! Ash are you listening to me AT ALL?! Yor own damn logic is working against you and remember,you're the one whos way out of HIS league
Linda:Oh come on Heather, you know thats not true.
Heather:Oh yeah well I for one know IT SO IS!
Miley:(Singing Who said-Hannah Montana)Who says,who says i can't be superman,i say,i say that i know i can!
Sarah:Um im kinda going to have to go with Lin here.
Heather:Ash you know that your attitude is the most important thing you need.
Sarah:Personality is equally important
Linda:If not more.
Miley:(*singing i miss you-Blink 182)-Don't waste your time on me,you're already the voice inside my head,I miss you
Heather,Linda,Sarah:SHUT UP!!!
Heather:Okay you know what,do whatever the hell you want,I got yo back 200 percent and that aint the issue but just remember,i want wahts best for you and i dont want to see you get hurt or walked all over.
Sarah:Oh please Heather,shes a big girl,she can take it
{ME:*subconciously murmurering: I'm sorry Heather}
Sarah:Forget about her.You're doing what you think is right
Linda:Shes Right. Go on. Do it.
{Me:*Grin to myself a little* I'm doin it}

And just as im about to hit the enter key.



arun said...
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Maddy said...

"Thinkin is a waste of time"...otherwise this wudnt have happned....wonder wot u'r face looked lik ven all these conversations were goin on inside u'r head..

n ppl hu don know her age....she's 1*...

Arjun M said...

* Drumroll *
All hail Aishwarya!

With so many ppl in your head, is there room for them all?

ranting_lil_whiner said...

hah..i was totally blanked out..distant..etc lol...theres room for everyone...sometimes more ppl tend to pop in!

SenSeleSS Intelligence said...
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SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

i have the same thing going.. but .. it all starts after i hit the button...
and it always starts with...

WHAT THE F@#$...