Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Here i am....

Hey name's madhav a.k.a maddy...sry only known as maddy nowadays...i'm 21 n hv completed my engg(it is goddamn difficult,wud advise every1 against it)
Have always wondered about blogging, i'm a big fan of the diary system,but dats private, this kinda stuff ppl know abt,so y??....ten again wat if ppl c wt kinda crap u rite down....those u want will read it,so i thought of starting a blog....ten due to my laziness, i nvr started....ten Arjun invited me 2 b the co-author n so here i first foray into the fascinating world of blogging

hmmmm...sme mre titbit's abt me, i'm presently doin nothin, nooo,don thnk of me as another engg with no job, i've got a job in infosys, but i feel tht a software firm is not my callin tough i'm a whiz @ programmin,so i've put my job on hold n tryin 2 figure out wat i want in far i've only got 2 things on my list
1.To buy a Ferrari
2.To find a dream girl hu wont care tht i love the Ferrari more than her :D
still adding things 2 tht list

i spent abt 8 hrs in front of the computer,but only an hour on chattin, i browse these totally useless sites n get a whole lotta info...god knows whr i'm gonna use em...ten i'm known as one of the most irritatin guys on earth, my friend's opinion...but still ppl lik me (hence prove's my theory that ppl r nuts !!)
wanna know mre abt me...visit my orkut profile..
n dn read the testi's....ppl don hav 1 fixed opinion, few things common in every testi...guess i'm one complex dude... ;)

Tough this blog is called simple nonsenses of life i've decided to contribute some profound ones as well


Arjun M said...

* drumroll *
All hail Maddy!
keep 'em coming!

Maddy said...

Hell Yea!!
n u betr treat me lik royalty :P