Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tracing down memory lane...

I seem to be looking at my shadows,

The ones the world cannot see, but I can.

A question still happens to perplex me,

Is that a shadow or an image of me?

Like a rookie from the lanes of an imaginary circus,

He came into my life expecting nothing,

Nothing but a pass into my thoughts,

I laughed, if only I knew where the access lies.

Then I secretly mined my way,

Into the forbidden fortress of my past,

Tears gushed out, I broke my personalised dam.

I laughed, shocked, confused, happy and delighted.

Then I thought about my childhood,

They one I so much tried to hide and ignore,

I saw holes, the damamge was done,

My own life unfolded full of cracks.

There! I remember those fields!

That park full of magical creatures!

Stealing mangoes from my neighbour's yard,

How one of us got caught!!!

Mother and Grandmother feeding us,

Ah! Those specifications I demanded for,

Grandmother's stren denail,

My very own dharna...

I wondered why I ran away from me.

It then revealed itself slowly,

The monster that hid behind those times,

And I sat down devastated, lost.

Should I curse myself for taking that trip?

What did I expect to uncover?

Those pearls from my past were paste,

I knew that, what then did I want?

That put my life on pause,

I repeated to myself, forget, forget,

forget, forget, forget, and forget.

I hid myself from those eyes reading me.

I ran to my future, the one in my dreams,

Never again to turn back and too scared to look.

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