Monday, September 29, 2008


I’ve always believed that this little space of mine would be to take my mind off things and that I could share the arbit non sense that goes on in my head for the world to see. I started it off with some general writing, and then I ran out of steam. Then my life started getting boring. Nothing worth posting on the blog. When there WAS something that I could post, I dilly dallied and now it’s lost its relevance… Many things like that… Many of my outings, the state level quiz I hosted, the many things that’s been happening in my life and stuff like that.

But what’s been disturbing me recently is, what’s going on with the country in general. From the god knows what 123 nuclear deal to the attacks on Christian establishments to the Tata’s pull out of Singur and the awful bomb blasts.

The Christian issue is what I’d like to put forth here.

In Karnataka, politics is at its worth. Our politicians here are the most dangerous scoundrels any administration has had the misfortune to see. The Hand and the Flower go head to head on ANY issue.

Here’s what happened. Some inflammatory articles claimed to be published by some new life thingy shows some of our gods in bad light. Like calling urvashi a prostitute and stuff like that. Now, I consider my religion equivalent to my mother. If anyone is misbehaving with your mother, will you sit back and think of human rights and secular and shit like that, and wait for ‘law’ to take ‘action’ or will you go ahead and beat the living daylights out of whoever is doing that?

Let me put it this way: There was a great deal of hullaboo created when police fired at violent farmer crowds at a village in Bihar recently. Their contention is that the farmers were innocent and that they were only ‘venting their ire’. If these farmers are ‘innocent’ according to some, then why on earth are some passionate individuals who vent their ire on an organization berating their religion considered communalists and shown in bad light?

The honorable opposition here in Karnataka are asking for organizations like the VHP and RSS to be banned. I say, when we have organizations like the Indian Mujahedeen and the SIMI to take care of, can we honestly be justified to be wasting time on silly issues like this?

Is the archbishop justified in speaking to the head of the state in that fashion?

One of the articles says ‘Rama could not distinguish between a real and golden deer. He who has no discretion cannot save you’. How will they react if we say ‘He, who could not even save his OWN life, cannot save yours too?’

Let’s face it… we’re a country run by sissies

Here are some ways we can get out of the mess our country is in:

# Get every politician who is above the age of 65 or has a educational qualification less than a master’s degree to retire, or put a bullet in his/her head.

# Bounce those misbehaving politicians out on their asses.

# for heaven’s sake, they’re not royalty. No need for traffic blocks when they’re moving about the city. They DON’T need a motorcade.

# chewing paan in the House must be banned. Madam President, are you listening?

# Line up all those ‘leaders’ who have criminal cases against them, ask them to quit, or send a bullet through their heads.

# likewise, line up all those criminals on death row, and put a bullet through their heads. Clemency can go to hell.

# All those officials caught taking bribe, line them up and put a bullet in their head. No, TWO bullets just to be sure.

# legalize prostitution like some countries, and get those police force who waste time on ‘flesh trade’ to catch terrorists and other dangerous criminals.

# Afzal Guru for example… Put a bullet in his head as soon as possible. And all the other terrorists the police have managed to catch.

Pretty harsh, yes, but its about time somebody did something!


ranjaxxx said...

we all think the same about the politicians but cant do anything about them :( and those riots i know how much people have suffered here because of them and even though it was initiated by christian publications bajrang dal leader was arrested ... what the hell?!!!

SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

now u r talkin my fuckin language.. SHOOT'EM all....

THE HUB said...

thats good one

i want someone to be fried in electric would be fun to watch!

Ankur Chakravarthy said...

Shoot the retards...they're all too stupid to live in today's society.

sanjana said...

good one broy:))..noone bothers to giv al these a serious thought..!!lets shooot dem al:) d losers n sissies:))...

Sam Arya said...

Hey said that i d post my rantings!!!
Glad t know that we do share somethings in common!!!!
my opinions do match...!!
and the one on who couldnt save his life... "innovative" but too rude!!!
I d ve preferred a much calmer stance personally!!! But have your say...duh its your blog! Cheers for Mindless Violence!

zain said...

chal v'll go and shoot everybody!!! say wot??????!!!!????????

zain said...

bubu, sham u n i??? kafi hai.. d four of us.. sab ko khatam kar denge..!!

shankarpranam said...

Wow strong stuff dude,

where was all this stuff before?
Never known u wud go to such a strong level ......
But i am with u ......

falguni said...

that is some pretty harsh punishment u've ladled out.. but instead of killing them outright y not strip them of their power n privilege.. that's a harsher punishment as it wud hurt their ego n diminish them.. i'm all for capital punishment n may be these ppl deserve it but still let's not take the in our hands.. as i said a blow to their self esteem is worse than death..