Thursday, November 27, 2008


I was readIng a novel around a year ago. "A bag of bones" by Stephen KIng. The protagonIst there was a wrIter and I swear to the Holy Cows he suffered from , what they call a "WrIter's Block" for around 120 pages. 

It was a major task belIeve me, to get past those 120 pages. I slogged day and nIght for hIm to get over hIs dead wIfe and start wrItIIng. By the one hundredth page I thought I was suffeIng from a "Reader's Block". I couldn't go on a step further. But then I saw 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' on CN and I was InspIred. I went ahead wIth It and found out that the guy fInds a new babe wIth a kId In the country. 

Well the story really took off from there. WIth a lots of twIsts and turns and a lot of "Spooky" actIon It had a bIttersweet endIng. 

Why am I tellIng you all thIs?? I don't really know. I've been held on GunPoInt to wrIte somethIng. There's a lot goIng on at present... 

1) IndIa Is on a wInnIng streak agaInst England In the ODI serIes. 

2) Its almost December and I've not yet seen wInter. One of the reasons I don't lIke B'bay. Btw Its been almost a year and a half... :( 

3) "Job's a joke n I'm broke" Is to be the background lIne of my professIonal lIfe. 

4) I've been very 'happy happy gay gay' sInce quIte a few months now... but then "Dostana" released... and I've been very 'happy happy' sInce quIte a few months now. 

5) I celebrated my bIrthday a few days back. StartIng It wIth a lovely wIsh, to cuttIng pastrIes to openIng gIfts to recIvIng awesome testImonIal to goIng out wIth a frIend to a dInner wIth the famIly. 

6) I've been actIng very "out of the normal" these days. *detaIls not to be gIven* 

7) Bombay (btw I lIke It better than MumbaI) Is under a terrorIst attack. Its been more than 24 hours and the fIght Is stIll on. Its stupId and horrIble. The bIggest terrorIst attack on IndIa tIll date. 

8) I'm excIted about a lot of stuff, and more excIted about the others. 9) I'm tryIng to wrIte but I dunno why.. I can't.. MIght be sufferIng from a "WrIter's Block"...!!! 

Just thought you should know.. 

Btw... How ya doIn...?

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