Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Anger Issues

Back in school we had an interesting book called "Toorida Chintanegalu", (roughly, Entered Thoughts). This book had an extremely interesting portion which dealt with the sins, among which were Anger, Lust, Attachment and others. Why i remember this now, i cannot tell with certainty, but i suppose it should be there.

Anyway, I think there is something about the nature of Anger which makes us angry. Anger is a response to an undesirable occurrence or event. Like when a bird craps on your head. That makes us angry. You know what else makes me angry, angry people. Angry people make me want to grab their throats, twist it, shout at them "LOOK!! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!" all the while spraying them with spit and curses. I just made my point redundant. Practice what you preach you know, but screw that for now anyway.

Thing is, you can get as angry as you want for mundane things (Stuff like, My toast is burnt and now i have to eat cardboard). But it makes absolutely no sense to get angry about things you have no cause to be angry about. Like religion for instance. And politics. Especially religious politics. Or a political religion.You get the hang of it.

The Buddha, among other people who practiced and preached an unnatural amount of calmness and did away with the red face and compulsive swearing advocated you clear your mind and be open. To remember that something that is happening is all a part of karma(I am pretty sure he never called it a bitch). I tried. No, really, i tried. I made my mind blank, concentrated on a little bird in a peaceful place and promptly got irritated with the little bird which refused to shut up or go away and hurled the choicest curses at it, shooed it away, stared blankly at the peaceful place(In this case a forest in which everything tasted miraculously like chocolate and bacon) and fell asleep, mind blank and all. I woke up an hour later cursing the mind and it's blank state( State? Slate?).

I read a lot on the news about how someone is always angry at someone or the other. "That man is a foreign son of a what not!" screamed one person who had recently come back from a junket abroad. "Their brand of terrorism is deep rooted and blah hemm haww blah!" screamed the foreign Indian who had come under fire, completely forgetting that terrorism is not underwear to have a brand or color. I then thought of what made men, wolves or the other way round. No reason for these men to be angry at each other at all, but i suppose they do it to make the people angry and basically keep everyone red faced and spewing venom and pelting stones at each other.

Not to mention the "My god is great" brigade. It's like a gladiatorial contest i believe, where the god(s) bet money on the least number of people killed who are shouting a particular slogan or something. Screw you!, the people in warring factions tell each other. My god created all of us, and you besmirch his good name with your wailing and flailing and unwholesome jokes. Their gods, it seems have the worst sense of humor ever had among gods and humans and whatever other beings are caught in perennial conflict. Science, i am happy to say, might be eating popcorn in a self righteous and wholly pretentious(read douche and deplorable) way being proved right all the time. Every right to get angry these people have ,with science. Murder science i say, and regress to barbarism. Lot less things to worry about.

Meanwhile, my attention is wandering as is bound to happen with my generation with its's endless distractions and i refuse to get continue writing about anger and other things now because i can see out of my window a cat which for reasons known to itself, wants to get into a house loudly playing a soap where the daughter-in-law no doubt, buys tears and puts them in tanks to empty on a daily basis in front of the family which seems to be in the throes of the most impossible and endless crisis most of the time. That makes me angry.

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