Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First evening as a blogger! :D

Mmm... its kinda nice.. expressing my non sense for the world to experience...
Latest developements:
1) Did i say "reliable internet connection" ? man.. i tell thee.. i just became a believer in fate!
It took 17 attempts to connect and a desperate punch to the modem for me to get online!
2) I'm supposed to take a French test tomorrow that i have no hope of passing
3) One of me friends asked me the reason for me blogging... i was like "people blog for a reason"? what the hell!
4) I'm beginning to like SMS after all!
5) Er... If i go on.. people will suspect overkill so i'll wind up

Momma love you but this mess in my room's gotta go~
I cannot grow old in confined spaces!
Modem fail me not!
This may be the only opportunity I've got!


SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

way to go
its a kill start...!

shamitha said...

hmmm... i luvvvv the 4th point!!!!

and i somehow think u need to thank me for that !!!n i feel insanely proud!(((like i invented it o smethin)))i cant figure why i m so patriotic bout sms's..may b u wil figure out sooner......

:D :D

drkngl said...

dude! stop ruining songs!

Neha said...

KeeP it GoiN.... Nice BlOg.....