Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dream on a SleeplesS NighT

You never know how the best things in life can throw your life over. Like sipping coffee in a coffee house or like watching a movie. How you had never imagined yourself doing something because you thought it’s lame or impractical and you end up doing just the same. It’s wonderful how the next step you’ll take can just leave you clueless about yourself. And you can’t do anything about it and that’s the worst part.

How childish is falling for a movie star? And not just falling falling, but falling so hard that you don’t know what hit you or what you’ve hit. And it’s so whimsical that you can’t do anything about it neither it’s possible to get out of it.

I know it because it has happened with me. My big mistake… watching Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na (JTYJN).

You’d have guessed who I’m in love with. And for the dumbasses who didn’t, its Genelia D’souza.
Laugh all you can but I’m clueless about what I’m doing here you know. I’ve had crazy fits about actresses before also. Okay well, I’ve had sophisticated fits about actresses before too. But this is completely out of the world. In its literal sense. How’d you explain me having her wallpapers on my cell phone? Both the screens (Nokia 6131… I’ve to get a new one though. its in ruins…).I‘ve always thought of putting a celebrity wallpaper on one’s cell phone as lame. And I’ve actually taken all the pains to get wallpapers from internet to my laptop. And believe me, I’m very lazy.
Anyways the point is that I’ve fallen or if you want to call it a crush, I’ve a huge uncontrollable crush on Genelia. And the worst part is that she has no idea. Well I know it’s nothing new for her. But it’s new for me. And a huge thing on top of that. I mean, how often does that happen. With me? Never.

So now the state is that I’m flipping TV channels to find videos featuring her. Shuffling the radio channels just to listen to JTYJN’s songs. I mean it’s weird. I know you know. But I don’t know how to get out of it.

I mean let’s face it. I’d never be able to meet her let aside the prospect of anything else. She is a movie star. A MOVIE STAR for god’s sake. What the hell was I thinking?

Well nothing at all. It just happened. And worst part is that I can’t do anything about it. I’m not at all famous; I have passable looks and no money at all. What good am I. I should’ve had a lot of money, should’ve born next door to Genelia. Ah... whims at its best. I’m letting out a secret. I wouldn’t have been able to ask her out even then. Damn it..! I’m of no use.

I know I’m a grown up and I don’t drink milk out of a bottle, though I like to eat milk powder out of the box every now and then. Anyways its very amusing you know. Sometimes being whimsical isn’t very bad. Here it’s sweet. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to get out of it but every time I think about getting out of it one thought flashes across my mind’s darkness. Can’t “Mast (Aftab & Urmila)” and Notting Hill (Hugh & Julia) be possible in real life?

I wish I had a magic wand. Hell if my wishes are coming true. I wish my wishes about Genelia come true.

Anyways… a precautionary measure to be taken by all of you: “Don’t be an ass and never fall for a movie start. And even if you do, wish that it’ll be somebody not as beautiful, as pretty, as cute, as awesome, as charming, as amazing and as unforgettable as Genelia.”

And yeah... pray for me... I’ve only got one life……

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just you wait.. i'm calling her up rigt now!!

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