Monday, August 4, 2008

Nose rings and general blah blah bitching....

WOW! its been a really long time since i've been here and maan i'm like totally clueless abt wats going on! anyway...i guess i need to keep y'all reminded that i'm alive and awake. 

Well its nearly a month since my b'day... it was one of the most amazing birthdays i've ever had.... i got a new fastrack watch (courtesy my sis hating me old one), a calvin and hobbes collection,a bracelet and a chain and the cutest cellphone toy ever! (But that fell apart a week later and lets leave it at that) and a BLUEBERRY  CHEESECAKE as a b'day cake (PICS comin soon ;) ) and of amazing dinner at pizza hut with the entire staff singing happy b'day (well that was a bit embarassing but nice nevertheless)

So my life's been pretty irritating recently with me not having time for almost anything exccept studying,writing records...blah blah blah...i'm somehow trying to find time to do the stuff i really wanna do like listen to music or just chill in my room.

Arthi started working recently so me seeing a lot less of her and i'm starting to miss her like hell :( 
and arjun too! its been soooo long since we last talked... 

I got a nose ring threw a fit thinking i'd actually pierced my nose. Had to calm her down and convince her that i haven't got my nose pierced......YET......................................... ;)

Anyways....heres the most recent updates-
1)I got a nose ring
2)Might be getting my ears pierced soon
3)i sOOOOOOOOOOO want a tattoo!
4)I study like....hell.. :|
5)3 morons thought that i couldn't actually write the songs i'd written in my diary
6)Archana is my soul sis!
7)School is a right pain in the neck and there should be a ban on it!!!
8)I was wrong about my physics teacher liking me :|
9)Apparently half the guys hate me for god knows wat reason
10)I'm trying to get a band together 
11)I'm the drummer
12)Archana on guitar
13)Levis skinny jeans are something i can't really live without
14)Junk food sickens me but thats not really new now is it
15)I wear kaajal

Oh and before i go....who the hell is lavanya? (new author)


Arjun M said...

shoo.. go away.. we dont know you..


This blog is NOT for anyone who "studies like hell". You people are solely responsible for the state that the country is in right now.

:P :P

SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

yeah.. I agree..
and its not for those who puts others as bait and get their work done.. i guess Arjun got wat i meant...

anyways... lately.. i've been the complete opposite to wat u've been... busy..!!

SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

cross the "s"...

ranting_lil_whiner said...

oh very nice arjun, u were the one who told me to study and take things seriously... if y'all feel i'm not up for it,i can very well long and good night

lavanya snigdha said...


and i never study... just didn't feel like blogging...

*tht for being an intro.

and i got my ears pierced last year... its fun... try it...

Arjun M said...

^^ follow up

Oh come ON sweetie.. would i ever.. ever tell you to quit writing in our blog??

OUR blog??

Our blog that we've so painfully built up all these months??

* wink wink *

sheesh.. i must get into marketing sometime//