Saturday, August 9, 2008

Philosophy, God and Destiny...

My take on philosophy is pretty simple... u can't make sense outta something... philosophise it...!

that's what my friend does, one day i asked him if there was rain when the gods piss... when is there snow?

his reply to that was pretty philosophical, he said (in a mystic tone) "child! there's a goddess up there who makes crappy thingies outta wool and she send it down as snow..." now why didn't I ever think of that?!?!?!

No wonder the ratio of sheep reared to woollen products produced never match....

but i still wonder what they mean when they say, " it was all written before we were born..."

THIS line troubles me a LOT! and when i say a lot... i mean a lot...

what do they imply?!?!?

that we are just puppets and that some mighty bearded fellow decides what we are to do??!?!

i sneeze... so that was written all long back too?
that god dude must be pretty jobless if he can control such minute things... or he must be billion sigma or something never to make any mistakes...!

personally... i think destiny is crap; there's no such thing called destiny, no matter what one does it was all ones own doing. Its the wimps who make up reasons like destiny for their failure, and if u blame your success on destiny, then you aren't giving yourself enough credit!

and the thing about god?
does he exist?
where is the mighty lord?
what does he do in his free time?
does he like Al Pacino?

such questions still bother me... and i think if i ever have to achieve nirvana and god-knows-what-not! to get answers to these questions... I'd rather give it a rest and finish my assignments on time... more of a worthwhile exercise...

and that's that.


Darth Vin Ode said...

god likes Alpacino, or why would he have created that old crumpet? :P

SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

well then he must be liking Bin Laden too.
If I don't want to control my life.. I'd rather tat nobody should even try...
i refuse to believe in Written destiny..
u do it for yourself....!