Saturday, January 1, 2011

End to A random 2010...

Well, an end to a great and weird year…  2010 will certainly go down in my life as the most random. At the end of the year, I can only sit and think back, see what I did wrong, and what I could have done, and the people who made it matter.
Its no secret that I thrive on friends who are most of the time existing only on my facebook and my gmail, but you haven’t ever felt any less than the ones I see in real. And that’s very special, and I am thankful for that.

This year has seen me be more thankful for what I have than things that I’d rather have otherwise. Really, I’ve begun to appreciate it more and more. This year also, I discovered I cant write like I used to. I spoke to someone about it, and she said, as people change, their writing also changes. I used to write effortlessly, bearing my soul to anyone, but I don’t seem to be able to do that anymore. Either I start to write too late after the thought has come and then it seems stupid, or I plain forget! I had planned to write a series of travel journals of my epic trips that I took this year, but that’s yet to materialize.
Speaking of which, I’ve realized this year that I was meant to travel. Its one thing that I can see myself doing forever. In the last 4 years, I’ve seen 8 capital cities and I can feel genuine love for some of the places that I’ve seen. There was Calicut and cochin to start with. Absolute love. And then there was BBSR, which grows on you. That was partly due to the awesome company and new friends I got there, and then there was Shillong. I’m going to live there for a year sometime. All this traveling has made me fall in love with the incredible country that India is. That said, there are a few major regrets. I haven’t seen GOA till now. Yes, go ahead and laugh. Its just that its never caught my fancy all that seriously yet. And I haven’t seen Balmuri. All my mysore friends will know what I’m talking about. Its funny actually.

I got a really good deal on a damn good digital camera, ofcourse all of you know that already, and I haven’t been doing it justice. I should make it a point to spend more time with it occasionally.
2010 has been quite hard on me. I’ve had to say goodbye to a lot of special people this year. Some, I had it coming, and some I have a few unsaid things left. There are some others who have drifted farther, with their careers, and life as a whole and yet a lot more have made their way in. it’s a beautiful balance at the end of the year. This year I’ve had some of my best dreams coming true: like experiencing Cherrapunji and some of them shattered to bits. This year I’ve seen the happiest of moments, be it surprise hugging a sister at an airport at 1 AM or getting a sudden call from someone special just when I was thinking of her though she is 4 hours in the past. I’ve seen my share of terrible luck and pure hatred too.

I’ve had things said to me that felt like white hot Arabian schimitars tear through my guts and pull it out. I also had kittens fall asleep on me, and it’s the most blissful thing ever. I fell in love this year, and fell out equally hard ;)
There’s a few other things I’d want to remember, riding in the coldest night in Mysore for 117 years, making new random friends, google maps helping lost friends in Bangalore, 3 days at Igoor, and my new phone!
I will also remember 2010 for being the most painful for a lot of people that I know, and will cherish it for bringing the people so close to me.

Anyway, that seems to be a long enough Rant. Have a great year ahead and don’t forget to keep the faith :) Its not that bad afterall, y’know.



Kathya said...

I caught your blog by chance. I like the straight way you write and your attitude in life. Thumb up.

Last Buzz said...

Hey,nice blog!
I have a blog too but i don`t have comments. If you are cute and you have any time to leave a comment for me.. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

:) its end to 2011 now! :)