Sunday, September 25, 2011

A new morning.

1) Followers of an unorthodox, extremist, or false religion or sect who often live outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader.

1) A strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny.

Interchangeable, aren't they.
Religion, by definition is, a strong belief in supernatural power that control human destiny. I think it should be modified to, a strong belief in a made up power that control humans. Just to clear the air, I admit that I am an atheist. I chose this. I wasn't influenced, converted, nor am I following a "cult" blindly. I am doing just the opposite, in fact. I am not against religion, just the way its being followed.

Its not logical to me, the way religion stands against humanity. Yes it does. Humanity teaches us to be together. Religion does the opposite. It creates sects and make them stand together against each other. Consider this for instance, every other religion states that if you don't follow 'so and so' religion, you'll go to the eternal pit of fire/hell or whatever that is called. What are they trying to do here, scare people into following one? Why is it never a time when we here a religion proclaim togetherness in spite of cultural/religious/regional differences. I have personally, never heard any  of the religious heads saying, "if you don't follow my religion, but some other, doesn't make a difference because its all same to God". It's always about their God and their religion.

What's worse is one religion banning every other, to even slightly be involved, and they are proud to be exclusive. Rubbish. Its more like the royal families of the English. They marry their own cousins just to keep their lineage pure. Really? Are you that stupid? Its like diving into the gene pool, with nothing new in it. Scraping the bottom in hope of survival. What results from it is genetic diseases, cancer and the IQ down the toilet. Spiral into itself and die. Don't believe me, research it. It's true.

Almost every religion, these days is attacking the other, hopelessly trying to prove and establish superiority. They are so blind in the quest that they fail to see the obvious, that they are not moving anywhere. They are exactly where they started from. Are they this dumb to actually believe that someone will admit the inferiority of his/her religion against theirs? Leave aside the inferiority-superiority issue. I grew up with the notion that God is the single point of pureness and religion is God's way of imparting that pureness to everyone. But soon I knew that this is how fairytale sounds.

When people kill each other just because they worship different Gods, I knew the whole idea was moot on the society. The very notion of a creator is disturbed when every other sect has one of their own which eventually sets out to be the most superior of them all, and if not followed, promises you of burning in hell. And then there are ones that forbid you to follow them because your are born into some other.

Would I be any different if I was born a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or a Parsi? Would I suddenly have extra human power or would I lose the use of a limb or two?

There's one other thing that really bothers me and its the position of women according to the religion. Always blamed, pushed around, burnt at stake and said to have caused adversities.
  • Hindu: Ram questions Sita's morality and loyalty after fighting an entire epic war, killing Ravan. Sita finally submits herself to the fire.
  • Christianity(Protestant): Virgin Mary was not a virgin after she gave birth to Christ and was just another woman and hence the cause of all the bad in the world.
  • Both Islam and Christianity have condemned woman(Eve) of committing the Original Sin and God said "I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you" and to the man he said "Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life". So basically he gave PMS, childbirth and male dominance to women and the pain of earning to men. 
Plus it really bugs me that when people talk about God, the creator of everything, somehow they always portray a male figure. Talk about equality.

Well I don't agree with any of them. What I'd want to do is, to have all the like-minded, right-minded people who rather than giving into the the shackles of the so established religions, would like to have a blend of all the good and practical approach towards being with each other and make a cult religion of my own. Call it Illuminati. In essence, it'd do the same thing the secret society tried to do. Free thinking. 

Be Illuminated....!


Ibrahim Abdullah said...

I read this post and i respect your believes,for it is a free world and you have the right to think as you like." I am not against religion, just the way its being followed." that is what you said. You couldnt be any more right.You also stated that it should be a strong belief in a 'made up power' as it were.Christianity, Islam , Hinduism , Jewism , all have One GOD in them.God is not a made up thing , you see , if there were to be no God , then how could such a complex universe have been built? Did it do by itself? Secondly,Islam and has denied all racism and has declared that all are equal.I too believe in that and I love all the races.Attacking other relegions is highly condemned in Islam.I condemn all the muslims who think of Christians,jews and hindus as inferior.By the way , you write some really thought provoking stuff ..Keep posting.
p.s. i am a muslim and will criticise only muslims for i cannot say anything about other relegions and beliefs.

SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

I guess you didn't get the point. Its not about the existence of the entity we call god. Its about the god that we have defined. Its about what we preach and practice. Its about you and me and everyone being together unharmed by social prejudice and religious differences.

Religion was supposed to guide you thru life on a righteous path. Sadly righteous has a different meaning for everyone. One single thing which we have forgotten is being human..