Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love and other...

Valentine’s day, hmm. A tough time for some, happy times for some more. Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping it. You just get drawn into the whole thing, and I cant think of any other “day’s” that generate so much Buzz.

From the last couple of years, in Karnataka atleast there was this Pramod dude who wrecked some people’s happiness by being a miserable girl-beating waste of blood and organs. Previous year, they threatened that any guy and girl roaming on the street would be immediately married off. Hell, I don’t know about the others but I ended up laughing my ass off. The things that people do for publicity, I tell you. Anyway, he got dealt with by flower power. No, not hippies but some crazy women decided to send him pink undies. You cant exactly call it Pwnage, it doesn’t match up somehow, but I would sure loved to have seen the man’s face when he started receiving them bloomers.

And so this year, none of the Tamasha. Or nothing that I have heard of as I write this. Who knows, he might have lulled the folks into a false sense of security before jumping out of the cabinet and screaming boo!

One thing is for sure though, if them goons turn up at a pub in Bangalore or some place, the bouncers and the MEN in the pub (yeah that’s right, not the ones in Mangalore) will knock their bloody blockers off.

It’s a crazy day, in a way. One to express our love and all. Also this expression comes at a price. Most mobile networks charge one rupee per sms on this day. So its sort of a chivalrous thing, you text people even if it isn’t free. Total brownie points material right there!

What is the point of it all, is something that somehow escapes me from all these years. What so it’s a day and so you suddenly show your love for someone or something? And tomorrow its NOT, and so you can dial it down a few notches?

And then these gift stores put up huge cards and those godawful bears. Ah, the bears. Grizzly bears are some of the most ruthless hunters, quickest, with an amazing sense of smell, are extremely territorial, can be thrice your height and WILL, I repeat WILL obliterate you in 2 seconds. Yet, a stuffed grizzly will get AWWWed and in most cases (including mine ;) )you will also get :-* ed. On the other hand, the common house lizard is harmless, eats flies and generally minds its own business. But oh boy, try giving someone a stuffed Lizard. I can sense a lot of o.O and 0_o looks.

But then I’m not saying Valentine’s day is bad in any way and I do not have anything against people wishing me happy valentine’s day. Infact its really nice, but its just that, like I was telling my friend in the morning I love everyone I love equally on all days, if not more. Just makes more sense that way.

So this one is for all those in my life who make it special, I love you J
So long, and keep the faith.

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