Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Existential crisis...

Why are you here?
Ever wondered about the purpose of your existence?
Ever tried to look beyond the regular banal life that you live?
Instead of claiming to know who created you, did you ever think about why you were created?

Or you are just the kind to do what you have been told.
The kind who can't find an identity of your own.
The kind who can't fight the hands that mold you in whatever way they want to.
You must be the one without any structure.

Are you the one who goes to work and comes back home and thinks about the next day at work?
Did you ever gaze into the sky and wonder?
Did you ever think, for a moment, that you are not a puppet of the people?
Have you accepted things into your life because you are too afraid to ask questions and seek explanations?

Do you believe in God?
Do you have blind faith?
Are you superstitious?
Do you have the power of logical thought or are you just a tape recorder?

You are the one who laughs at the beliefs of all the other people and gets boiling mad when someone makes fun of yours. The ones that aren't even yours.
You never had any problems with others telling you who you are. You live by what you've been told.
You have closed eyes and you are a slave. They bred you to be a follower, so you follow.
You are the sheep. A black one because you can't think.
You are the scum on the face of the earth.
You are the one who fights for things inconsequential and backs out and hides when it matters.

You have their words in your mouth and their motives for your actions.
Even the voices in your head aren't yours.
You never asked yourself who you are.
You just seek approval and never try to walk your own path.
You are the reason for the stagnation.

Why do you not wonder?
When did evolution fail you?
You act condescending in front of the cattle but are you any better?
What did you want to be, a sheep or a lion?
Were you ever human or just an organ of their ways?
Why did you let them decide your fate and strangle you in their worldly ties?
Who are they to take away your individuality and how can you let them?

If you are just a medium of their actions, you should stop burdening the earth.
If you can't contribute, you should stop consuming.
If you can't lead, you should stop preaching.
If you can't find your own way, you should stop guiding.

You are gutless, spineless blob of life on which life itself is wasted.

Why did you go to school when all you learned is to have a closed mind?
Why do you make friends when you can't survive outside your family?
Why do you want to travel when you are afraid of the new?
Why do you dream when you have sold your desire?

Can you choose to fight your own battles?
Can you stop and wonder why there are Gods uncountable and if different religion could be different versions of each other?
Can you fathom the fact that you may have no invisible man in the sky to guide you and the voices you hear in your head are pure bullshit or paranoia?
Can you be logical and rational and take someone else's view into consideration without throwing fits of angry hyperbole?
Can you think for yourself, analyze, calculate and take a decision unadulterated by external influences?
Can you be human and and not be cattle?
Can you gather courage and break free?
Can you stop following and start living?

Or do I have to continue looking at you live a pathetic existence, with no ambition, you hoping that you are really important to someone, when all you are is a big failure in the name of humans and free will?

For your sake I hope all your fairy tales come true and you meet with a God that does exist, and when you meet her/him, she/he will look down upon you and will sob on her/his own failure as a creator.

I wish,
if you are a believer in a patriarchal society/religion, your god be a woman, a feminist.
if you have worshiped a white god, your god be pitch dark.
if you think your religion doesn't allow people from other religion into yours, your god be a mixed race.
if you hate homosexuals, your god be a gay.
if you hate technology, your god be a scientist.
if you believe in constraining yourself and others to rigid tenets and unwritten illogical views and senseless practices, your god be free will and pure logic.
if you like to kill, your god be life.
if you are an atheist, there be a god.
if you are a theist, your god be another human with captivating orating skills, strong convincing power and lot of morons like you to follow.

I hope you suffer for having a closed mind.