Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beautiful girl

Hey Beautiful girl
Don’t eat that much
Hey beautiful girl
You’ll never be good enough

Don’t think I don’t know
Where all the food you eat goes
Hey beautiful girl
You’re so stupid
To your beliefs
Stay rooted

Hey beautiful girl
Don’t be such a bitch
Be careful girl
Don’t get too deep into the mix

Beautiful girl
Who do you think you’re fooling
Beautiful girl can’t you see its not working
Those voices will always tell you
That you’re not good enough

Beautiful girl
Step out of your shell
Your beautiful inside out
And you know it well

I’ll dry your eyes
I’ll wipe your tears away
Just give me your hand
And have the faith
That I can make you feel okay
I can’t bear to see you suffer
I understand your mental torture

I know about that strong self hate
You hold in your heart for everyone to see
I understand how you feel
Every time you see
Fattening pizzas
And calorie-crammed ice cream sundaes

So stop trying to be
A  fashion magazine imitation
You should honor yourself
For being god’s best creation

Beautiful girl
Hold my hand
Together we’ll find
A reality that’s a lot less cold

Forget those other girls
Forget about them
You’re better than them
It doesn’t matter what they say
All that matters
Is how you feel and the way you think

Ignore those voices
Break free
From the chains they bind you with

Your beautiful as you are
I promise thee
That I’ll always be there
And when you think everyone hates you
Just remember that I care

Beautiful girl
Take my hand
You’ll be just fine
I’ll spend with you
All my time
Just to make sure
That you’re all right



Arjun M said...

* touching *

he he.. glad you're not bored and jobless anymore :)

sorcerer said...

nice poem
it rhymes at many places.lost count.