Thursday, May 15, 2008


This post comes straight from the heart, and on impulse... this last week has been my god so varied for me i still cant come to proper terms with it..
#Thanks a lot Aishwarya for actually calling me up and talking to me when i was lying face down on the terrace all broken and shaken and giving me strength.
# Thanks a lot Pooja for being there even when you're not there and helping me through all this mess and giving me reasons to live.
# Thanks a lot Bharath for giving me a place to stay in Bangalore when i needed to get out of this city so badly
# Thanks a lot Nitin, Vaseem and Harsha for the awesome time we had on Vaseem's b'day.. it cheered me up so much.
# Thanks a lot Shamitha for making it to the meeting and making me feel better, and for the ride to Aunt's place :)
# Thanks a lot Pruthwik for coming over to meet us and for the company
# Thanks a lot Shashank for breakfast and the ride to the bus stand
# Thanks a lot Nikethana for wasting a valuable "rare free sunday afternoon" and talking to me and making me feel better.
# Thanks a lot Bharath for driving us all up 7 floors of the parking lot.
# Thanks a lot Ranjani for talking all the teasing with not too much dignity, but yet taking it ;)
# Thanks a lot Bharath for all the pep talk and gyaan.
# Thanks a lot Zainab for being the chirpy happy thing that you are :))
# Thanks a lot Varsha for meeting us after 9 years and making my day.
# Thanks a lot Prateek and Ananya for agreeing to try and help with the Orkut problem
# Thanks to you again for offering to come down here for the weekend and giving me something to look forward to :)
# Thanks a lot Vidya akka for hearing me out and being the pillar i lean on always
# Thanks a lot Pooja for calling up waking me up at 2 am and making me feel alive.
# Thanks a lot Manasa for calling up and keeping me company all afternoon :)
Thanks to everyone else who have always shown me encouragement and love and stopping by and trying to pick me up whenever i'm down...
Thank you :)


ranting_lil_whiner said...

its no probs dude :) t'was fun talking to u again :)
p.s. i'm the first!

sorcerer said...

nice one.
(*watery eyes)

Nikki said...

aww... *hugs* from ur lost international friend :P

Manasa said...

Nice blog spot you have got here dude.. but how come its dead?

lavanya snigdha said...

you are so darn lucky!!!