Sunday, May 4, 2008

There are somethings money CAN buy...

For some reason i seem to be obsessed with this statement. There is nothing very extraordinary about this sentence. Remember those old preachy statements which told you money cant buy love, money cant buy sleep. money cant buy you god etc.. Lets go one step further and look at some things money CANT really buy us.
1.Money cannot buy us useless junk mail and spam from unheard of companies and f(r)iends.
2.Getting a virus on your computer which erases all data(including those naughty things you downloaded without anyone knowing...) certainly cant buy us the experience of running out of petrol in the middle of nowhere.
4.Money cannot buy you the amazing experience of getting caught while bunking by the principal.
5.Money can buy you better results. Money cant buy you worse results.That is a job for VTU.
6.Money can get you healthcare in a hospital.It cant get you a date with the hot nurse.
7.Money can buy you condoms.It cannot buy you friends who punch holes in it.
8.MoNEy CanNoT GeT You sCraPs LikE ThIs iN OrkUt
9.Money can get your work done in government offices.What it cant do is get your homework done by you( cant bribe yourself)
10.Money can take you to switzerland. It cannot create an avalanche and save the world(think tubelight,think)
11.Money can get you a rotten tomato to throw at someone. money cannot get someone to throw tomatoes at you(It comes under social service.100% tax exemption)
12.Money cannot get you a mother or a father. It can get you the shop uncle or aunty to act like them if the principal calls.
13.Money certainly cannot buy me. An inexhaustible diamond mine can.
14.Money cannot torture you into reading this blog. That is a job for jobless man.defender of joblessness and boredom(Guess who?)
15.You are stupid.Just like me.(this is a message in the interval,nothing to do with the topic at hand)
16.Money cannot buy you 'a' girlfriend. It can buy you lots of them.
17. Money is like the system.The more you have,the more you are expected to have.It cannot buy you liberation.
18.Money cannot buy you money.
19.Money cannot buy you great friends.(No more comments.surprise.surprise)
20.Lastly, money cant make you change who you are.The laws of the universe are inscrutable.In short, it means we are doomed.

And hell, if money is the root of all evil and people tell you to avoid it like the plague, why is it that there is a god for money??
Think my dear friends, and if you felt inspired to get rid of your pocket money, contact me on



Arjun M said...

Why does point 14 feel strangely close to.. me? :P
And hell yeah, nothing beats runnin out of petrlol or getting caught by princi.. and you better split your earnings through your email with me.. ok?

ranting_lil_whiner said...

I definitely agree with points 7 and 8..:P awesome work dude,keep it up

drkngl said...

thank you...working on another equally stupid this space