Saturday, May 3, 2008

So lonely...

Apparently the other authors aren't being too active so wat the heck...its not like i have anything better to do...anyway...heres the start of the actual post.

I never thought i'd reach this stage in my life... I've always been more on the anti social kind and it always made me happy to just chillax in my room and crank up the tunes and just zone out staring at the ceiling but no. At least not in these few days. Its my holidays right now, everybody says it should be the most awesome time of your teen years especially after all the work i put in for my tenth but thats not even remotely close to how i feel.

I miss my friends so much...Its pure torture to look at the mercides and lamborghinis on my walls and look at ballack and beckham staring lifelessly back at me...My walls are now a gruesome(can't think of a more appropriate adjective)pink, my new bed is so high my nose practically touches the ceiling, the ceiling fan runs at a mercilessly fast pace and theres me. Totally blanked out.

I think I've hit an all time low... My days are comprising of me doing nothing but watch that stupid MTV tickr as it runs on and on...and watching wassup and trying to go what the f....!

And i can't even go out and see anybody... I'm sick at the minute and i'm not allowed to go out :( I donno wat i'm doing... just trying to feel better. 

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