Saturday, May 17, 2008

The start of a zillion problems

Okay...we've all heard about arjun's famous vodafone rhapsody but have you heard about the not so famous aishwarya's start of a zillion problems?
 I guessed not. some of y'all know, i'm an airCel subscriber. Yes i know that'll invoke a lot of blank looks thats cuz aircel is only in TN...its called spice telecom in all other places and it has to be the worst network in the history of bad networks... So heres the start of a zillion problems.

9 p.m:I'm happily chatting away to one of my best friends and she gets ready to tell me a piece of totally juicy gossip and all off a sudden.
The line goes dead.

The balance notification comes up... I just lost 4 bucks talking to her. No big. 

Then she calls back. "Hey Aish what...." She never gets to finish the sentence. Last call duration:4 seconds. Errm...okay then. I call her again. 

"Sorry bout that,the line got tell me!" i say eagerly. "Yeah you won't believe this but...." 
Three short omnious beeps.
"Hello? Hello?" I look at my phone. The black butterfly wallpaper stares back at me. Grrr...

Okay i call back. "Archie..Archie are you there?" I say after i hear a hello. All of a sudden a male voice begins talking about his road trip to chandigarh(with "tashan" style englees) and i get totally freaked out and cut the call.

%@#$#%#$#@#@ (that was me hurling abuses shortly after i dropped my phone in surprise cause it suddenly freaking vibrated in my ear)

"Archie are you talking to somebody else?" I say after the male voice stops. "Aish" she says. "Yes?" 
"I freaking told you i'm alone at home!"
Cross talk! **%*$$**%*$

So i cut the call and call her back again and finally..we manage to talk for about 9 minutes after which the call gets cut again. The balance notification thing pops up again and apparently i've lost (approx)7 rupees of my balance (it might be more or less... I don't really remember people)

"Hey boi, u gotta text message" my phone omniously sings. (Don't ask) and apparently archie got fed up of the poor network and she decides to head to sleep.

O.M.F.G.(THATs not in a good way)

So i head off to sleep too. Next morning my sis calls customer care(shes an aircel victim too) and asks why the network is so poor. She puts the phone on speaker so i can hear and i have never heard a lamer explanation.

He mumbles something about two towers' signals interfering with each other and suddenly the line gets cut...AGAIN..

I make a trip to the aircel office and the guy ends up mumbling something abt him being responsible only for recharges and something about hellotunes.

So i did what every other aircel victim would do in times of difficulty.

I switched to airtel

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