Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sometimes i feel,
Like there is no love,
lost between us.
Nothing to end this torment,
nothing to ease the pain.
I see an invisible wall built
amidst us-
No tongue to my feelings,
A mute witness
to the drama of fate...

Times were when
I was with you,
And you made me feel whole.
Every moment spent
with you, my love,
is worth far more
than the price of life itself...

I know not what happened,
I know not the way,
for i walk in the dark
without your light
to lead me on,
here i stumble,
and then i pray...

Too many things have happened,
There is no looking back.
For seldom have i seen this,
lonelier than hade's crack.
I wish to be whole again,
never so incomplete,
but without your Midas touch
To be so, is asking too much...

You will not be mine,
for now, or forever.
To hope so, would be
my mistake, but my love
I choose to hope
and keep it burning until
my life, i give up.
For what better way is there
to say goodbye,
than with your name on my lips
And a final wishful sigh...

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