Sunday, October 19, 2008

The internet wasn't working...

Life seems to be so beautiful, so very perfect that even things which should be bothering me don’t anymore! Gosh! Thinking of that my daily itinerary should tell you how practically jobless I am.
9:30/10 – wake up.
11:00 – breakfast.
11:15 – look around the house/ see if my belongings are right where I left them last night.
11:17- think.
11:18- switch the comp on.
11:25 – bloody thing is finally on!
11: 27- get into gtalk.
11:28 – look around.
11:29 – get bored.
11:30- sign into the orkut account.
11:31 – get bored.
11:45 – sign out of gtalk and orkut.
11:46- curse a lot.
11:50- call a friend.
12:00- friend coming home goes get dressed.
12:15 – sitting.
12:17- this is the time when I look at the clock to know what the time is.
12:20 – friend comes home.
12:35- friend goes online.
12:36- thinks; did this person actually wanna come meet me?
12: 40 – kicks friend out of the house.
12:41 – mom kicks me out!

I actually don’t remember what I do for the rest of the day but I sure get entertained! Most of it means I am walking around on the streets with my two equally jobless friends, making fun of everyone and everything we see. Then later on in the afternoon we somehow manage to squeeze in an hour for lunch and then head to the movies.
The evenings are purely meant for intellectual talks! So am pretty busy then. Then its time for more walking and talking and going in to the book store and looking at guys, and a little more talking and finally! I’m home!!! It’s around 9 by then.

9:30- dinner.
TV time!!!
11:15- go online.
2:15 – feel tired and exhausted and sleepy.
2:30- go to sleep.

And if you guys are wondering where in this busy schedule did I find the time to write all this? Well the internet isn’t working today. And my friend is late…


Himanshu said...

Glad to know ur timetable.

Sammok said...


mine aint very different :D