Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lost Innocence

Standing in the rain
Looking for a place I never had
Feeling such a loss
Pain is all I have

What is in my mind
No one ever knows
Such a lonely place
Is there anything left

All the memories
The feelings I had
Is it just a lie
Why so numb

When the heart is yearning
Can I just go
Live in tears
When can I live

Am I always awake
Living in delusions
Something's holding me
Embrace a new light

Something left to do
That is not me
Sirens blaring in my head
The fire consumes all

The moral dilemma
Can I walk away
Standing here alone
Lighting is all I can hope for

1 comment:

Arjun M said...

Aaaaaand Maddy is Back!


Welcome back mate!