Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things we take for granted

its just weird how we take so many things for granted... we look high and low for happiness without realising that its often in front of us. Heres a few things we take for granted... Just take a second to enjoy these moments and i promise you*, you'll be happy

1.Watching the rain with a mug of steaming hot chocolate
2.Seeing how happy your doggy or pet is when you feed it
3.Hugging your friends
4.Running up to somebody you've known for a long time but haven't had the time to talk to and suddenly wrapping your arms around them and hugging them hard... i've experienced this... i still hold the moment with me and it felt amazing.
5.Just hugging somebody :)
6.Watching the sunrise/sunset, with a cuppa coffe :)
7.Listening to your favourite song on the radio
8.Talking on the phone
9.Someone calling you up at some wee hour of the morning or somebody just calling you up just so they can hear your voice
10.Someone bursting with excitement to see you
11.Somebody's smile making you feel better. Even if that somebody happens to be a stranger
12.Somebody hugging you from behind
13.Food fights! lol
14.Dancing to your favourite song (even if you can't dance to save your life)
15.Getting a suprise when you least expect it
16.Sombody doing something nice for you

I could go on forever... but i'm terribly hungry right now... ^_^

*Terms and conditions apply :P


lavanya snigdha said...

yea... and to think of it.... u could have also added things like being able to read.. and reading ur article... tht's smthin too...


Arjun M said...

You forgot
1)Banning members from your Orkut community For the heck of it... :D

2) Sitting back on a lazy sunday afternoon, reading a novel and sipping cold beer...

Lava was being sarcastic when she left the above comment