Thursday, October 16, 2008

I think therefore I don’t want to be…

“I think therefore I am” was coined by the mathematician Descartes, but where does thinking take us, I don mean the common sense and thinking about daily stuff, where does thinking about deeper meanings in life and general philosophies of life take us. Does it really give us satisfaction, I have considered myself an avid thinker all my life (at least from the age of 12), I used to write a lot and it liberated me, and the knowledge of why most things happen and the satisfaction of my perspective to life was fulfilling and life was great. But as you grow you have a lot of life experiences which makes you think deeper and finally I have come to realize that life isn’t fair and whatever the system, God or even if we are inside the matrix, is not fair, I have given a lot of thought to it, but since life is not fair where does it take us, what should we believe in?

This is a question which I haven’t had an answer to, once we realize human folly and the materialism of the world, we go into the downward spiral of pessimism, and it is damn hard to get out of that, and how did I reach this conclusion because I think, so thinking has made me lose hope in life and us as a species.

Why is emotional pain more than physical pain? Scientifically physical pain has reasons, but how do we measure emotional pain and loss, we can say that physical injuries heal and most of the emotional injuries only heal after a period of time. Even if we have a scar we don’t feel pain, but on sight of that scar we experience the pain that we went through, its our memories that is holding us back, so it would be ideal if we could wake up each day and live as if nothing bad has happened…its easier said than done

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the beach alone (ive been blessed to live in a place where there are beautiful beaches), I jus sat there for a while, n started thinking, suddenly I felt lik running into the water, the weather was cloudy, the water looked a beautiful shade of green-blue and I dived in with my tee and jeans on, the dozen or so people on the beach must have thought I was crazy, I jus didn care, I laughed to myself, kicked the sand, started swimming, ridin the waves till one really knocked the wind out of me, but I was so happy, I didn’t have a care in the world, it was an exhilarating experience, after I came out, people were smiling, not laughing coz somehow I infused some happiness in their life by my antics. Then went and picked up my mother from the airport, she was really shocked and didn’t even say a word, coz it didn matter.

In these fleeting moments I find real happiness, where I enjoy the simple things in life, when I did not think, its gave me hope, always rejoice and marvel at the audacity of hope….its all we need

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ranting_lil_whiner said...

no pain no brain.. :) love the post dude... post more oftenn....!!!